Life in a snapshot - thoughts on a rainy Sunday in the summer heat of June


I look at this space, and I thought to myself, that was my happy space.

It still is.
There are many things I would have wanted to say, thoughts running through my head before sleep.
Whimsically fading moments later.

There are a few things I want to write, less so to explain the hiatus on the blog, but more so as a future reminder to myself when I look back. On this rainy Sunday, it still is humid in all-year long summer Singapore, yet another weekend trying to nurse myself back to health to get ready for the week ahead.

Don't ever forget to treat yourself.
May it be an onigiri, a nice perfume you've been eyeing, an afternoon nap.

Things will run its course.
Time is moving even faster than ever, if that's possible. There are days, difficult conversations, they happen as it comes, and you'll feel far removed than you used to be.

99.99% of the people on Earth are nice people.
That's not a fact. Everyone has a nice, and a nasty side to them. But treat the world as you would like to be treated. The world has its way to return that beauty to you. Maybe not in the form of the person right in front of you, giving you an evil eye. But somehow, somewhere.

I've received far too much goodness in this life, to feel like I deserved any of this. 

I wish there is one way or another to return that, in a way I would like. 

And to those who benefited one way or another from my travelogues, blogs, I thank you. You were once my motivation to give back to the world in that way. Now I would find another way as well. Perhaps, something greater, I hope.

Have a little faith in this world of ours, in a self that is never perfect.

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