10 Gift Ideas for Him and Her

You'll never walk alone. Here's a helpful list of suggestions:

Everyone loves a little surprise present every now and then, and what makes it a lot sweeter is to do it on a regular day. You know, because everyday is worth celebrating when you've found someone to spend your life with. Yet finding a suitable gift is such a challenge! Whether your other half is a practical Taurus or a sophisticated Libra, at least one of these ideas will coincide function, style and utility.

HIM/HER: Daniel Wellington watches

The most versatile of watches goes to Daniel Wellington's, and has become a basic necessity of every wardrobe. It goes with any outfit and that makes it very suitable for either genders to wear it effortlessly. The interchangeable straps also allow for a change of colours if you ever get bored of it. This can be considered slightly pricey for a gift, so perhaps this will be suitable for more important occasions such as anniversaries. | SGD259

HER: Laniege Water Sleeping Mask

A celebrated winning formula loved by many girls, the Laneige Water Sleeping Mask has become one of the necessary products on the dressing table. If your partner does not have a similar product to wind down with on tiring days, this will be a really thoughtful gift to show your care and concern for your other half. | SGD36

HIM/HER: Canon Camera

Cameras have become an indispensable need in any modern person's life! Even though smartphones can capture pictures of decent quality, you have to admit that cameras provide a different level of quality altogether. For a DSLR, I'm more inclined towards the Canon brand because I find that it's quite easy to navigate around the buttons even with one hand. I could be saying this because I am more used to it, but it was very intuitive to start learning about it even as a beginner so I'd say it's suitable to get one as your first professional camera. | from SG432

HIM/HER: Kenwood Blender

If your partner loves cooking and baking, you could explore options about kitchen appliances. It would create more possibilities in their endeavours and you could possibly reap in delicious benefits too (ha ha ha). One of the greatly raved blenders in the market is the Kenwood BL227 Blender, but feel free to check out the other kitchen appliances here. | SGD49

HIM: Calvin Klein CK Be Edt

Gifting fragrances can be a very personal and intimate decision, but picking the right one can demonstrate how well you know your partner. A risky choice, so go out there and sniff around at departmental stores to find out what clicks with you. | SGD24.90

HER: Innisfree Orchid Enriched Cream

Guys, if you need a little insider info: Innisfree just seems like the buzzword among the ladies now. Providing extra care for the biggest beauty enemies like wrinkles, this orchid enriched cream also ensures resilience, evens out skin tone and UV blockage at once with nutrients, resulting in bright healthy face. The excellent adherence offers dry skin nutrition and provide a great boost for a night routine. | SGD33

HIM: Panasonic ES-SL41 Rechargeable Shave 

A proper good shave can make all the difference in a man's life especially if it is part of a regular morning routine. For a shaver with easy maintenance, find yourself this Panasonic rechargeable shave that allows both wet and dry refreshing shaves depending on your preference. | SGD75.90

HER: VDL Lumilayer Primer
Many girls skip a crucial step of primer because it doesn't seem to do much visible change and/or too expensive. Yet it is an important step to protect the skin from makeup. If your partner regularly puts on makeup and do not have a primer, perhaps the lumilayer primer from VDL would be an attentive choice for a present. | SGD33.10

HIM: Deuter AC Lite 14 Mint/Stone
Got an adventurous boyfriend that always dreams of backpacking into jungles and across European cities? Kickstart his ambition by gifting a durable backpack - an essential item to keep travelling a hassle-free process and maximize enjoyment while on the road. | SGD129

HIM/HER: Lenovo F309 USB 3.0 1TB External Portable HDD

An easy modern-day oversight is to forget to backup your files and letting your hard disk crash, losing all your precious files and photos at one go. Prevent this sort of digital tragedy from befalling on your other half by buying them a portable hard disk drive.  | SGD84.90

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