Wasabi Tei

I took a liking for Wasabi Tei almost immediately. It is practically camouflaging in the midst of salons, nail parlours and tattoo shops on the top floor of Far East Plaza. I almost walked past this hole-in-the-wall restaurant while seeking for it. With cute kitty curtains to welcome guests, how can I not like this place already? I am indeed biased and easily bought over. You can get these curtains at Japan Home, actually.

It's a whole different place in there. I'll never expect it to look like this inside - the layout is really quite special: a U-shape bar-counter sort of design; with an open concept sort of work station for the chefs. Lean in and you can scrutinize the art of sushi making.

Look at how close to the action customers can be! This is Wasabi Tei's menu for your convenience, the first page is the not so value-for-money side of the menu as you are buying everything ala carte. Not very affordable when you look at this page.

But on the flip side, it's suddenly within budget! ;)

I think the set meals are more value for money. Generally around $15 for a set which includes Appetizer + Main Course + Rice + 2 Watermelon Slices + Miso Soup. Do note that it is compulsory to buy a $2 drink (Green Tea, Soft Drink or Water) as long as you occupy a seat. There is no GST or service charge here - something I always will appreciate. Okay now that the money issues are out of the way, we can finally start looking at the food!

The appetizer is really tasty and addictive! It is supposed to be seaweed, but I couldn't really tell that it is. It is the pricklier, tougher sort of seaweed which gives it a really chewy bite. There are also small bits of beef soaked in the slightly sour-salty sauce. Their Chawanmushi ($5) is supposed to be quite famous for being really smooth, but I don't think I can finish the whole set so... there's always a next time! You can try it if you intend to drop by, anyway. 

Lightly fragrant Green Tea ($2).

This is the Wakatori Teriyaki Teishoki ($12) set! That's a lot of teriyaki chicken, but not much for a hungry me! :) I was really quite impressed by how meticulous the chef was at creating this, ensuring that the chicken was crispy on the outside, somewhat tender on the inside, and piping hot. The salad on the side was fridge-cold, crunchy and yummy. When a carnivore says the salad is good, it most definitely is. The make or break for me is the temperature of my food, and this dish delivers. There's also rice to go along, otherwise the teriyaki chicken might be a tad too salty. The miso soup was forgettable.

Very sweet and juicy, but I wish I could have more. I think I have space for about ten slices of this.

Far East Plaza
14 Scotts Road #05-70
Singapore 228213


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