4 Fingers Crispy Chicken

The rage about 4 Fingers Crispy Chicken is all around. I see (very) long queues everywhere for this fast food fried chicken, both at ION Orchard and Plaza Singapura's outlets. Are those queues justifiable by the food it offers? Hmm. 

Here are some shots of their menu - basically a haven for chicken lovers. I like chicken, but not interested in fried versions of them - unless they are really very good. So it's really hard to please me in this department. I haven't found a fried chicken that I liked, the ones that barely come close are from Charlie Brown's or KFCs, but I avoid them as much as I can. 

"Please refrain form telling people about 4 Fingers Chicken" - oops. 

How it works: Find a seat (and chope it, please. It's packed during peak hours!), order at the counter and then be seated and collect your order at the designated point. No additional service charge/GST - what you see is what you pay! 

You get to choose your seasoning sprinkle - Soy Garlic, Chilli or Mixed (both). I chose Soy Garlic with Chicken Burger Meal (the burger + kimchi fries + coke) - $9.95

My verdict for 4 Fingers is that... it's not worth the queue nor the money. While I did made a previous disclaimer that I don't like fried chicken, I think even from a somewhat more objective point of view, the fried chicken offered here is neither tender nor juicy. On the contrary, it is dry and crispy, and bordering on being sharp as the prickly skin cut across my mouth as I tried to bite it. The kimchi fries were also limp and soggy even though I ate them within five minutes of retrieving them from the counter. I could barely finish half of it too.

Don't understand the hype about this fried chicken and the long queues baffle me every single time I walk past them. Then again, food tastes are always subjective, eh? 

ION Orchard
2 Orchard Turn #B4-06A
Singapore 238801

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