PS Cafe @ Palais Renaissance

PS Cafe is one of those places that keep appearing on my social media newsfeed! I knew I had to go check it out one day for myself to quell that curiosity in my heart.

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PS Cafe's lunch menu:

PS Cafe's drinks menu:

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PS Cafe's Bar menu:

I liked the quiet, classy European al fresco dining area a lot, especially the tall ceiling! A whole tree was in there. It is really quite interesting and special because it is on the second floor instead of the first floor. Not much of a view though, it is just some sort of a back alley.

There is also the air-conditioned area if you don't like al fresco dining.

Little details on the table.

They have flavoured iced water - it was apple iced water that day even though you can't really tell from here. What the others ordered:

Green Goddess Pesto Pasta - $26++

Croque Monsieur - $24++

PS. Caesar Salad with Rosemary-Honey Dijon Chicken - $26++: I'm so inclined to write positive reviews for most of the food I eat... but for this, I am quite at a loss on what to write. I don't normally like salads but I thought that with this price, it should be a good platform from which I can start liking salads. Big mistake to associate proportional increment between price and the tastiness of food.

I just remembered chewing the vegetables till the sides of my mouth ached (I was barely one-third done with them) and then I thought the chicken would be better, so I switched to eating the chicken. It was a single kebab sort of chicken which actually costs an additional $4++ *defensive taurus mode on* - like what the hell, the only adjectives I can think of are: dry, tough, hard, and tasteless. Not worth it at all. It wasn't marinated well at all, if it was even marinated. I think I cooked better the first time I cooked meat unassisted. I made it through about three-quarters of the meat and I gave up. My teeth were worn out trying to tear the meat down. There were also croutons and small barbecue meat pieces thrown around the salad, and they were equally tough to bite. I feel like I'm in some sort of Amazing Race challenge to finish the toughest meal ever. I try not to compare, but I think I derive more satisfaction from eating a $2.50 chicken rice.

You can expect me to still feel hungry at the end of this - I feel like I spent more calories trying to eat this salad up then gaining anything. The only good thing about this is the egg, which was well, chew-able. Let's not talk about the flavours and the intricacies of the dish at all - if I don't feel comfortable eating this, then it's a goner. Not sure if it's a one-off bad performance or not, but either way I'm not coming back to this overrated place... even if the ambience and service is very enjoyable. Good food is the soul of any restaurant, without good food then it's nothing. For such a price, you'll be better off visiting Spruce. *Maybe* other dishes are better. At the very least, you are advised against ordering the PS Caesar Salad.

PS Cafe
Palais Renaissance
390 Orchard Road #02-09A
Singapore 238871


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  1. Wow... Portions look really miserable for the price. I love the PS Cafe at Ann Siang Hill though!

  2. Haha yes I wasn't even full at the end of it T_T Hurhur.. I shall try that when I forget about this ;D


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