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Yum Cha Restaurant has recently become my favourite dim sum haunts, especially since it is located within Chinatown and a walk away from Tanjong Pagar area where I love wandering about. This post is a combination of two visits - yes, I can't eat that much in one seating even though I love dim sum. :D I don't think a reservation is necessary during weekday evenings (around 7pm - 8pm), I walked in twice and on both occasions, the restaurant is only half-filled. 

Here are some of the menu shots. 

To see Yum Cha's menus in higher resolution, right-click > Open in New Tab > Click on the (+) to zoom

This page of the menu is what I focused on.

Yum Cha Restaurant would prepare some peanuts as appetizer - they are chargeable if you don't send them away. Next they will ask you what Chinese Tea ($3/pot) you would like, with quite a limited choice with long jing, tie guan yin and pu-er. I'm not particular nor proficient with tasting Chinese tea, but it is fragrant enough for the untrained nose. 

Scallop Pea Shoot Dumpling ($4.80) - recommended: I was quite surprised by its cute presentation and even more impressed by the juicy scallop and delightful combination with the prawns within. I would definitely recommend you to try this one!

Lotus Leaf Glutinous Rice ($4.20): This is rather filling and worth the stomach space, I would say. The ingredients within this is very generous, with black fungus, pork and much more. Generally an okay dish.

 Yum Cha Prawn Dumpling ($4.80) - recommended: Their rendition of har gao is definitely above average, the skin of this dim sum managed to wrap the succulent prawns tightly but yet it is not too thick. I like this one.

Chee Cheong Fun  - recommended: It is a must to order this when you are here, their chee cheong fun is easily the best I've eaten anywhere. It is soft and smooth but yet did not lose its texture and bite in the process. I love it a lot and this dish alone can draw me back for a fourth visit.  

Yum Cha Shark's Fin Xiao Long Bao ($4.80): A mainstay of any dim sum restaurant, Yum Cha's xiao long baos attempt to differentiate themselves with a touch of shark's fin (which is actually tasteless and more of a decorative purpose), but is just average in terms of taste. Nevertheless still satisfying as the meaty broth inside the xiao long bao is not too scalding and savoury enough. For $1.60 a pop - it is a tad too expensive. 

BBQ Pork Bun ($2.80): A passable dish, these pork buns are sweet and filling with a fluffy exterior. I like it quite a bit, but other dim sum dishes are more interesting than this.

Prawn & Mango Sesame Fried Fritters ($4.80) - recommended: A very interesting dish with a surprise enshroud inside the crispy aromatic skin - a slice of sweet mango that complements the juicy prawn very well. Thumbs up for this.

The service can be described to be no-frills, efficient and curt. They don't bother with niceties, but you can rest assured that they are very efficient and professional.

Looking for a feast here? 
Dim Sum Weekday Afternoon Buffet (1500 - 1800, last order at 1730) at Yum Cha Restaurant (Chinatown outlet only): 
Adults: $21.80++
Child: $16.80++
Not valid on Public Holidays

20 Trengganu Street
Singapore 058479


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