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The Sushi Tei branch at JEM is very huge, with efficient and prompt service for taking orders and refilling of green tea. They constantly mill about so no worries about not getting their attention. Queues start snaking at around 6.30pm (waiting time is about 30 mins before you get a table) on a Friday evening.

Sashimi Salad - $9
An invigorating starter to the meal, the Sashimi Salad's vivid colors already set the atmosphere for some cheerful food photography already! The fresh and smooth salmon and tuna sashimi makes for good incentive to indulge in the juicy tomatoes and crunchy vegetables when paired together. Drizzled together with Sushi Tei's own in-house salad dressing, this is one of the better salads around. Well, you don't say - anything with good salmon goes! ;) Recommended to order. 

Soft-Shell Crab Maki - $6.50
I am so biased when it comes to Japanese food and I shall try not to... but this is so awesome! Every maki has a burst of flavours on the tongue and I like how there's a lot of layering in the bite definition - the burst of the mini prawn roe juice, the seaweed tucked in the middle and the fragrance of the crunchy soft-shell crab. Do note to eat this upon serving or the soft-shell crab might be a little soggy.

Sukiyaki w/ Beef - $15
The soup of the sukiyaki from Sushi Tei is a little too salty for me. It also comes with a lot of ingredients - huge carrot slices, onions, enoki mushrooms, shitake mushrooms, tofu and a lot more. The beef slices are served on the side and there's also an egg mixture for a dip. Tried the raw egg mixture for the first time and... it would actually be quite yummy if you'd just forget what it actually is.  :) 

Tonkatsu Ramen with Chicken Cutlet - $13
I actually liked their ramen quite a lot! It's the standard sort of ramen with no extra frills of beansprouts and the whatnots, just a bowl of pure goodness ramen which managed to balance the delicate flavours carefully. You can order without the chicken cutlet, but the chicken cutlet is very delicious too - the exterior is fried to a crisp and yet the interior remains juicy. Recommended to order.

Ika Sugata - $9
I think this is okay... a little rubbery to bite though. 

Kani Mentai Mayo Roll - $8
I like this! Again - see me being very biased as I don't see how any sushi chef can ruin this. I think I can eat this forever. Recommended to order.

Chocolate Wafer - $3.20 
Desserts time! :) The wafer is more soft than crunchy sort, but it packs quite a few surprises in this - quality vanilla ice-cream with chocolate sauce. Good for sharing as it is already separated into six portions.

These bite-sized milk chocolate melts come in an icy bowl; which is a must because this melts instantly the moment it reaches the tongue. It's like chocolate bars, but only much better. Once the milk chocolate walls give way with warmth, a wave of cold caramel ice-cream within the melt plunges forth. Would love to try this again! 

Sushi Tei
50 Jurong Gateway Road #03-05
Singapore 608549


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