W39 Bistro & Bakery

The cafe-hunters residing in the west side should have heard of W39 Bistro & Bakery, located just off West Coast Road on Jalan Mas Puteh. (Directions: From the bus-stop outside Clementi Mall, take bus 78 - stop after 3 stops/ after passing AYE, cross the road and walk 5 mins)

"A little out of the way, but come to think of it, still nearer than Duxton / Kallang/ Tiong Bahru cluster of cafes" - conversation with the Westies

Rustic and cozy atmosphere that sets the beautiful backdrop for a date out with girlfriends, the best friend, families or solo cafe tripping. Best of all? The low noise level but it isn't all that silent - so you can chat away without feeling awkward. Well, such cafes are gems these days.

Brunch stops after 3pm, so drop them a message on their Facebook page if you want to make a reservation and order brunch slightly later than 3pm. Totally understand the pains of waking up before 12pm and climbing your way to food before 3pm. #lazybonesunite

Advised to make reservations - hassle-free and an assurance to seats!

Brie, Parma Ham Panini - $10.50
[steals a pinch] Anything with truffle oil goes. This one is pretty good as it isn't too dry and the am is flavourful without feeling overly salty. Delicious - recommended!

Eggs Benedict - $9
[pinches one mouthful] A better steal than most of the other places - their portion is much bigger and at lower price. To sum it up - it's value for money and yummy. You have poached eggs and you have toast. Brunch is supposed to look like this. :)

Pancakes - $9
Fluffy and substantial, but not too impressive. Good if you're longing for some pancakes in your tummy, but go for either the Brie, Parma Ham Panini or Eggs Benedict if you are on the fence about your choices.

Latte - $4.50
Going against the flow and abandoned the usual mocha. Their coffees here are not particularly impressive but pretty good. Good enough. 

Dessert selections need to step up further; none of the names enticed us enough to buy. $6.80 a slice is considered on a steeper side. They have rainbow cakes here, but personally not a fan of colouring my stomach in shades of colors. But the mains are really more awesome than other places! 

W39 Bistro & Bakery
39 Jalan Mas Puteh
Singapore 128637

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