5 Things To Do In Ximending (Excludes Shopping and Eating)

It will be intelligent to dedicate a whole afternoon and evening to Ximending alone if you have the luxury of time to do so. Much more than just a mere shopping district with attractive clothes that scream "bring me home!" (simultaneously earning you an overweight baggage) - the streets of Ximending have more exciting activities to offer - not just shopping and eating.

1. Sing karaoke
If you love singing to the tunes of Jam Hsiao, Mayday, Jay Chou and S.H.E, I assure you - singing them in a Taiwanese KTV has a much greater kick! You can now 在 KTV 说爱你 in a real KTV, while digging into a lunch or dinner buffet - with your own personal bathroom to boot! What's more, being in the homeland of C-pop songs, you can be sure their playlist has the latest songs. There are plenty of karaoke lounges available with the most popular and glitzy-looking one being Holiday KTV. For the lowest prices, head to Cashbox Partyworld at the crossroads of 中华路一段 and 衡阳路.

2. Grab a haircut 
Hair salons line the streets of Ximending (and most of Wufenpu area as well) with the most well-known ones being 玩美 and 乱剪. For NT400, enjoy a head massage, have a haircut and your hair blown dry to perfection. 玩美 is more picky with their customers and require reservations - not sure if their service is proportionately better. Marketing and customer satisfaction level at 乱剪 is much more impressive, with ultra-polite and skillful hairdressers. Great idea to have a haircut - and then maintain picture-perfect tresses for all your travel photos.

3. Outfit of the day shots at graffiti walls
Before the sun hides away, quickly snap a few outfit of the day shots at the graffiti backdrops. 昆明街 96 巷 is the place to search by Google maps if you are truly interested to shoot cityscape styles. Different walls have various designs, choose the one you love or have everything! Digital snapshots are after all, almost free. Shop for a pair of high tops and personality caps at boutiques; you might be able to camouflage as a trendy local with mean bargains.

4. Visit Risotto - and the golden retriever, 阿毛
While there are aplenty of restaurant options around Ximending, only one has a golden retriever guarding the shopfront fiercely. Cuddle the obedient and camera-shy 阿毛 - choose from 15 different flavours of their risotto dishes (recommended: Signature Meat Sauce Risotto) for NT160 while you are here!  阿毛 will be accompanying you throughout the whole meal. Now an informal landmark in Ximending that cannot be missed.

5. Tour around The Red House 
A theatre that also doubles up as a no-entrance-fee museum, The Red House is a good respite after rounds of walking around the shopping district with displays of interesting themes. Boasting of an indoors cafe and a souvenir alley selling unusual keepsakes, the cultural building could potentially seduce you into spending more money on things that aren't clothes. 
Closed on Mondays. Sunday to Thursdays: 2 - 9.30pm. Fri & Sat: 2 - 10pm.
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  1. Hi! Any idea if I would need to make a reservation for 亂剪? Do you know the website or number to call?

    1. Hi Angie :)

      According to Google, the number to call is +886 2 2370 0978. Technically you won't need a reservation because they have a lot of space. This is only if you want a specific hairdresser to do your hair :) But you can always call to check, just in case!


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