Kombi Rocks @ Yio Chu Kang Road

You will recognize the place from afar. With a few well-restored Volkswagens parked right outside its doorstep, Kombi Rocks takes a step further in their interior (exterior) designing of their restaurant. I just love how every inch of the place aligns itself with their theme, it screams of detail and meticulousness. Exuding airs of vintage and American diners, Kombi Rocks surprisingly actually serves very Singaporean food (stop it with the Malaysian-vs-Singaporean food debate, y'all) - so most likely, for the locals - it will fit your palate.

Vintage, or vintage car fanatics would adore this place. Freelance singers hype up the atmosphere by singing popular songs with a more country/mellow sort of delivery.

Their meticulousness extends beyond the appearance, they provide tissue boxes on every table too. Every dish comes with a new individual bowl, so as not to mix flavours.

Kombi Rocks's Fish Maw Crab Meat Soup ($13) has a homemade edge to it with generous dollops of ingredients and thick base, might require a dash of black pepper. Pretty good to share and go around as a side.

Wokhei Beef Horfun ($16) is meant for 2 - 3 pax. As the name suggests, the wokhei fragrance of the horfun is present but I think it's not strong enough. The fat horfun noodles are soaked thoroughly in the luscious sauce. The vegetables are luckily not overcooked, which is often the case. The beef slices are not that consistent though, with some tough to bite and others achieving the perfect melt-in-mouth texture. Overall, it is still quite enjoyable but go ahead and try other dishes as well!

Their service is considered efficient as they whip up your dishes only upon ordering to guarantee freshness. It is very far-flung in location especially for a Westie like me, but its interesting atmosphere is worth it. 

How to get there?
While the nearest MRT on the map is Serangoon, it is still quite a distance to walk. From Kovan MRT, take bus 136 and alight 4 stops later. 

Kombi Rocks

66 Yio Chu Kang Road
Singapore 545568


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