Xin Yuan Ji 新源记 @ Bugis

Tan Quee Lan Street has a handful of steamboat places; one of them being Xin Yuan Ji 新源记 which is one of the better choices. Great choice for a meal especially if you are around Bugis area and tired of always dining in shopping malls. 

Bustling busy on a public holiday evening - you might have to queue for sometime for a table but not for too long as the servers are quite efficient in allocating seats.

Their signature dish is their Fish Head Steamboats. Price range is about $30 for red snapper fish head (small), $45 for red snapper fish head (medium), $60 for red snapper fish head (large).

Fish Head Steamboat - $63
The steamboat soup base is very rich and savoury, tasted like it has been simmered with fresh fish and seafood. Top-up is always available upon request. The soup base itself is flavourful enough to complement with white rice. The fish slices are also tender and thick - very enjoyable!

Hotplate Tofu - $8.80
Average, the wokhei fragrance is rather overpowering. The ingredients inside this dish are quite generous but I still think it's slightly overpriced.

Onion Scrambled Egg - $8.80
Another overpriced dish. I find that the scrambled egg could be more salty and flavourful.

Sambal Kang Kong - $8.80
This dish was surprisingly better than the tofu and the scrambled egg. It is quite spicy but really delicious. The wokhei fragrance is light. Recommended.

Xin Yuan Ji 新源记
31 Tan Quee Lan Street
Singapore 188117

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