Love Will Tear Us Apart 我想和你好好的

For those who are afraid of the Internet police catching you for downloading torrented movies, here's an introduction of a thought-provoking 2013 romance movie that can be found on Youtube, Love Will Tear Us Apart at 720p. How lovely, there are both English and Chinese subtitles. Only 513 views for such a rare gem... well, bump it up already! There are little plot spoilers in this review, but click on the link to watch it already because I think it's one of those movies I might even watch again as little reminders in life on how to be a better human.

We'd moments in life that would score thousands of crying viewers if we were starring in a romance film. Scripts are derived from inspiration from real life; and reel life is a sure reflection of reality so as to strike a chord with the audience. Love Will Tear Us Apart is one of those films which details something so painfully realistic, you might squirm in your seat with self-consciousness - but it makes up a good midnight film to watch alone or with your other half.

This movie revolves around a couple, just like any other romance movies. But the difference is in that the plot revolves so tightly around the interaction, the sweet moments, the arguments... it's really good learning material for every couple out there. It's true how people almost always think themselves to be the victim, but could not see the same situation as clearly as a third party does. This movie forces you, the third party, to view the possibly familiar situations in your everyday life and you might be able to finally dish out some good advice to yourself.


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