Ryoshi Sushi Ikeikemaru @ Westgate

My adventure at Ryoshi Sushi Ikeikemaru (Westgate) began with the foreign looking Negi Natto. Natto is actually Japanese fermented soybeans and I've never tried it before. Somehow, my friends managed to convince me to try it... and I'll probably never do that again. The taste is rather weird and it is sticky too, not very pleasant. Oh well! But it is an interesting try. Now I know what natto tastes like.

For the main course, I picked the Bukake Udon + Bara Chirashi Donburi - $13.40++ which was extremely value-for-money. You get a bowl of rice (the equivalent of slightly bigger than the usual rice bowl) AND a huge bowl of udon for this price. In other words, two people can actually share this! But I was feeling really hungry so I had both to myself. Oops! The bara chirashi donburi is made up of a generous assortment of sashimi and juicy prawn roe... yummy! Would love it if it's more chilled like sushi in a rice bowl but I guess it's not supposed to be like that. The udon was quite good too but don't expect too much of the quality since you are getting a lot of quantity for this already :) 

We also had the usual makis - Toro Takuan Maki - $3.80 which is made of tuna and Japanese pickles. Their maki range is much better than their mains but proportionately more expensive too. Maki: delicious pops. 

One plate of Big Salmon - $2.80 each, and it's barely enough! Their salmon is quite fresh, chilled and juicy.

I love this - Salted Caramel ice-cream - $2.80 and I totally recommend you to get it. Remember to get them to drizzle more caramel though. I tried Salted Caramel at Tom's Palette and Udders but they tasted a little off but somehow, the salted caramel here is perfect. It comes in the form of three tiny balls of ice-cream in an iced bowl.

By the time I reached this, I'm almost too full but the Dorayaki - $5.80 (filled with azuki) in comparison to the previous dessert was not as appealing to me because it's not exactly complementary to the ice-cream (which is still salted caramel). But for those who aren't full enough, you can always order this! 

All in all, Ryoshi Sushi Ikeikemaru might not be as perfectionist as Itacho Sushi about their sashimi but they are pretty good in their own right. Some of the menu selections are really value-for-money and they have quite a good variety for you to choose from as well. Their seating area is quite big but yet the waiting queue might be a little long on Friday nights (30 minutes). Nevertheless, it is one of the restaurants where you can camp inside and chit chat for the whole night. 

Ryoshi Sushi Ikeikemaru
3 Gateway Drive #03-05
Singapore 608532

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  1. Hey Amie, I went to try out this particular branch a few weeks ago. Having try out their main branch at Liang Court, I'd say this is a huge drop of standards in comparison to the former one. Nevertheless, great post! Hope to see you around! :]

    1. Hi Thomas! Thanks for the comment ^_^ This Westgate Japanese restaurant isn't very good but at least they are generous with their portions... good for big eaters!! Your blog name is so cute haha! :D


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