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One of the best and worst traveling assumptions is to eat whatever you see without planning, depending on your level of perfectionism and personality. If you've found yourself here by search engines, you most probably don't like to leave your meals to chance encounters. To say that Taipei is a foodie paradise is accurate but not entirely - hits and misses are abound. What are the recommended restaurants in this glitzy city? Here are my top five picks.

Ay-Chung Flour-Rice Noodle 阿宗面线

Highly efficient at clearing crowds, the Ay-Chung outlet at Ximending fiercely promises minimum waiting time. No seating area nearby at all, but looks like few of the hungry tourists and locals minded standing while eating. Why? Because its taste is as legendary as its reputation. The broth and gravy is thick, rich, flavourful and very very fragrant. The flour-noodles are also simmered to a very soft texture but yet it doesn't lose its form. Do not miss out on this famous stop when it comes to foodie adventures!

Din Tai Fung @ 101 鼎泰丰

I haven't tried Din Tai Fung at anywhere else in Taipei (walked past yet another bustling outlet at Yongkang Street) except twice at Taipei 101. It's quite amazing how their top-notch service standards haven't quavered after a year. Their dimsum is of impeccable quality that I really liked, much better as compared to Singapore's in terms of freshness and price (quantity/size per $). One word of caution: waiting time can be a real pain, so go get your queue number before shopping around 101.

Maokong Big Tea Pot Teahouse 貓空大茶壺1樓茶餐廳

One of the rarer teahouses with an overview of the mountain range of Maokong area, I love how comforting their boiling soups and tea are! You can also fill up your stomach with a huge variety of mains including rice, noodles, seafood and side dishes. It's also not too far along the mountain pathway, about a fifteen minutes walk from the gondola station. Other teahouses are much further in, so if you want to try others, allocate ample time for traveling.

Ah Mao Risotto Restaurant 阿毛石鍋燉飯

I admit - I was taken in by the golden retriever lazing around the door front of the restaurant and was subsequently drawn into the restaurant to try their food. Easily one of the more eyeball-catching star attractions of Ximending, it is difficult to miss this place. There are two branches, the other with the younger version of Ah Mao. Well, I thought the food might be just average since they were already employing such an effective marketing gimmick, but their risotto was really yummy too! Their menu includes 15 different flavours of risotto served in claypots and desserts too. I would recommend you to try the Signature Meat Sauce or Japanese Curry one.

Hokkaido Ramen Santouka

During one of the last days of my holiday, I was craving for ramen as breakfast so I hunted for a place. At the basement of Sogo departmental store (Zhongxiao Fuxing), there is Hokkaido Ramen Santouka! I've been wanting to visit Singapore's branch but haven't gotten around to it. Guess I'll go to Taipei's first... and the ramen took me by surprise with its light but fragrant ramen shoyu base - really easy on the palate! Ramen for breakfast. I think I'll make that a habit.


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