Concetto by Saveur

Following its resounding success on Purvis Street and Far East Plaza, Saveur had just launched their third outlet at The Cathay - Concetto by Saveur. With their minimalist sleek look and down-to-earth, sincere service, this newspangled Italian restaurant has won my heart right from the beginning.

Italian? Instead of their usual specialty French cuisine, Concetto has an Italian twist to its dishes on the menu. Many attractive dishes on the menu without heavy price tags. Interestingly, they separated the different dishes into elements - Earth, Land, Seas, Light and Water. Tip: Order a few dishes to share with your fellow diners on the table so you can try a bit of each rather than have one on your own - as it might get a little overpowering in itself.

Grilled Octopus
The grilled octopus was accompanied by anchovy dressing and fennel salad. A slight hint of tangy lemon and enticingly wasabi-like (minus the spicy), this appetizing dressing made the chewy octopus and salad pop into character. Lovely and recommended.

Pumpkin Fagottini
Urban city has given a bad name to a this little bread parcel called fagottini. Drizzling a good dose of sweet sauce over creamy pumpkin, cheese and almond, this plate tasted more like a dessert than a main. A little confused, but nevertheless, it's a delightful try as pumpkin is once again, cooked to its best form. Rarely would I like pumpkin, but I give trust to the chefs here.

Black Risotto
Risotto's got its black from squid ink. This is very thick, moist and gooey. A little on the salty side, I cannot imagine finishing this on my own - so share it for a good taste. The squids are very chewy and fresh, though slightly overpowered by the saltiness of the risotto itself.

A deconstructed tiramisu here, as Concetto/Saveur never fails to impress with their dessert presentation and flavours. The taste of rum is almost non-existent, which may or may not be a good thing depending on your preference. The sweet chocolate flakes make it look so grand. And the whole thing is edible, so dig in.

Concetto also has their own herbs garden, and prides itself for being eco-friendly. A wonderful experience here. Situated at where Billy Bombers was, Concetto is easily spotted from the outside of The Cathay.

Concetto by Saveur
The Cathay
2 Handy Road #01-11/12
Singapore 229233

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"7 F&B Places That Went From Hero to Zero"

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