Asia Grand Restaurant @ Odeon Towers (February 2014)

If you've followed my blog closely enough, you might have noticed that this is the second review on Asia Grand Restaurant (see first review here on their afternoon dim sum selections for lunch). Located at Odeon Towers, a stone's throw away from City Hall MRT, this Cantonese restaurant has a booming business everyday - so make your reservations early. This review will be on their dinner ala carte menu choices.

I finally had the chance to try Asia Grand's Peking Duck, the specialty of this restaurant. Wrapped in seemingly popiah-taste-alike skin, the crispy duck skin and succulent duck meat soaked in sweet dark sauce makes for an excellent start for the meal. Every serving is also accompanied by garlic for flavor garnishing. The chips are also crispy and not soggy. The Peking Duck at Asia Grand is also easily the most value-for-money in Singapore.

This simple vegetable appetizer is sweet and sour based, and performs well in what it is supposed to do - to whet your appetite. There are fishcake cubes and sour preserved cucumbers in there.

I was truly surprised by the subtle difference in quality of this Sweet & Sour Chicken dish. The sweet and sour sauce was smooth and clings onto every inch of the meat evenly, and every piece is truly glorious. It would be perfect to complement with a bowl of rice.

This dish of Golden Salted Egg Yolk Prawns is my favourite pick of the night. I can enjoy this again and again with a good dosage of rice. The salted egg yolk paste is smooth and savoury, and doesn't impose on the taste of the prawns. You can still taste the juiciness and fragrance of the prawns themselves. The presentation also looks really appealing. I can't wait to dig in already!

The Yam Brisket and Stir-Fried Vegetables was visually appealing but was a little jelat for me. Generally it's good because it's flavourful, but I guess I'd prefer something lighter.

I am biasedly interested in this because I saw my favourite egg tofus in this Claypot Egg Tofu dish, and it turns out to be deliciously rich and fragrant. The generosity of the ingredients also made it an enjoyable dish.

As I was getting to be on the full side of the meal, the Braised Ee-fu Noodles with Mushrooms and Chives was subjected to a stricter level of surveillance when it comes to taste. I guess it is generally okay, but rather unmemorable. It's really just ee-fu noodles, but I must say it's well-flavoured, topped with lots of mushrooms.

Once again, enjoyed myself at Asia Grand Restaurant though I think the service is still hurriedly functional rather than trying to achieve a holistic enjoyable experience for diners. For a quick recommendation, try the Peking Duck and Salted Egg Yolk Prawns. :)

Asia Grand Restaurant
Odeon Towers
331 North Bridge Road
Singapore 188720


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