Eska Wellness Spa Massage and Salon (Batam)

Eska Wellness Spa Massage and Salon is the ultimate one-stop shop for all your beauty services if you want to hop over after shopping/lunch at Nagoya Hill Shopping Centre! It's super convenient because it's just a street away. Not only is Eska Wellness a "Spa, Massage and Salon", it also provides reflexology, paraffin, manicures (gelish and French) and pedicures. There are six storeys (there's an elevator) in this building and streams of customers come into the salon. Due to overwhelming popularity, Eska is even opening new branches in Paris and Germany! ;)

Here's a general sense of how their packages look like. Most massages are at around 250,000 IDR (Choice of 1/1.5/2 hrs) and the scrubs are at 120,000 IDR. There are so many choices for the scrubs, I was in quite a dilemma deciding on which one I like (can I try them allll). They will accept SGD at the current exchange rate, not the stated price on the file (only an estimate for your reference). The exchange rate was around SGD$1 = 9120 IDR then (as of 23/2/2014). 

There are lockers for you to keep your belongings and you will have to keep the key. Best if you can bring some rubber band to tie to your hand or to put inside your pocket. Most of the massage areas are separated by a piece of cloth - basically just many partitions!

I did the Stressless Body Massage (1.5hrs) & Coconut Body Scrub (~0.5hrs). The massage was relaxing, though the masseurs do not seem very experienced nor do they have good memory. There were many times the massage was not symmetrical but if you are not fussy, the massage is really very value-for-money. Succumbing to my inner sloth, I fell asleep in the middle of the body massage and was only occasionally woken up when they exerted a little too hard at certain acupoints. Very relaxing... keep easing me into and out of dreamland, which was good because I don't want to sleep through the whole thing and "waste" it! Singaporean mentality, ha! Halfway through they also did a hot massage compress step that was so good. Although some found the scrub kind of painful at times, I don't find it painful at all. Perhaps it depends on the masseur doing it.

Halfway through the massage, other customers' chatter may pierce through the cloths partition so it isn't exactly very pleasant. How embarrassing to realize they are fellow Singaporeans from their accent! Unfortunately there was little that can be done except to brush up on people's consideration for others. Do note that most of the masseurs (except the lady boss) know English, so it will be helpful to learn/know basic Bahasa to communicate effectively with the masseurs on what you want. At the end of the scrub they will lead you to the showers on the top floor to end the session.

gentle - lembut
hard - keras
head - kepala
leg - kaki
hand - tangan
pain - sakit
good - baik

On the sixth floor are the special rooms named after flowers. I guess this must be the private rooms for the Special Bride Package and Couple Packages. It's really hot though - the afternoon sun shines in mercilessly at an angle. It will be better to visit Eska earlier (before 2pm) if you intend to take these special packages.

Two photographs over the parapet at the city of Batam. I was too short to jump up and see so my camera will tell me what's over it.

Ending this post with some selfies! :) One happy girl after the massage. I think I just might come back! ;)

Eska Wellness Spa Massage and Salon
Ruko Nagoya Hill Blok R4 F3 & F3A (West Entrance)


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