Montigo Resorts Nongsa (Batam)

I've always thought of Batam as a more run-down island as compared to Bali, but no, they've definitely upped their game! Montigo Resorts Nongsa is just breathtakingly beautiful, memorable and a perfect getaway. A hideout not too faraway but wonderfully oozing with the holiday, chill-out at somewhere-nobody-can-find-me atmosphere. You can see Marina Bay Sands faintly in the distance, almost disappearing in the mist... which reminds you that home is comfortingly close too. 

I love the white and wood theme that Montigo used, it's very classy and sophisticated. It's honestly very similar to Bali's St Regis in terms of architecture inspiration with its high ceilings, open-air reception lobby.

All the villas at Montigo Resorts are built along the coastline and on terraced platforms such that each villa's balcony has a sea view. Very clever design. Sea views are really precious as they make or break the scenery you see right outside the window.

There are buggies available to bring you from the reception lobby to your respective villas, because they are really located quite far. Here's how the villas look like from the entrance.

Upon entering, you will be greeted by the living room and kitchenette! It's very well-equipped with plates, cutlery, a fridge, kettle, microwave, glass cups, chopping board, knives, electric stoves... there could be more, but these are the ones that I found. By the way, if you are looking to light candles or lighters, they won't be providing any for fear of anything catching fire (but didn't say anything about bringing your own). A note for those people who are looking to celebrate birthdays here.

From the previous living room and kitchenette area, turn towards the right and you will be greeted with an outdoor dining area with an infinity pool at the side! Really lovely arrangement. 

Moving onto the second floor...

The corridor between the two bedrooms!

This is the first bedroom! The bed is insanely soft and I'm not even kidding when I said I sank right through it (not because I was half-intoxicated and the sun was threatening to rise). It's so comfy, I didn't even want to fall asleep because I love the feeling of being engulfed in plumes of clouds. 

Random artpiece on the wall.

There are two bathrooms on the second floor, one adjoining to the other bedroom and the other non-adjoining to any bedroom. I love exploring both! 

Second bedroom - a master bedroom with a king sized bed, this is the bedroom with an adjoining bathroom.

The top floor!!! It's jawdropping gorgeous that got us all screaming with excitement! The terrace overlooks the sea of black (literally) with dots of light at the horizon... some of which belonged to Singapore :') The night sky is filled with stars - so much more in Batam because there is relatively lesser light pollution. Twinkling and beautiful. The night breezes get a little cold though. 

In the morning, the sea view is much better.

View from my bedroom window. Imagine waking to this everyday!!! Bliss.

This is a model of all the villas at the lobby. There are over 100 of these villas.

Breakfast reception at TADD's! They have cute little carts that resemble pasar malam/ street food but honestly they are too clean-looking to pass off as those stalls! Kudos to the effort :)

A good variety, but hits and misses abound. Their waffles and noodles/ porridge/ mains are my favourite after trying quite a bit. Most of the visitors here are Singaporeans, no surprises!

Some sights and sounds

A complimentary 5-minutes shoulder massage after your breakfast. So meticulous in their hospitality! :') Can I add that the massage was really wonderful? He pushed all the right acupoints on the shoulder, I immediately felt so relaxed and loosened up!

They sell kueh lapis at the hotel lobby in case you don't plan to venture out to buy.

The resort's public swimming pool... which looked as deserted as it is inviting. I guess everyone must be lounging in their own private infinity pool. Definitely a recommended accommodation if you're holidaying in Batam, I'm a really satisfied customer! ;) Depending on which package you choose, the price per pax per night is approx. S$120.

Ending this post off with some selfies!


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