The Wanderer: Nagoya Hill Shopping Centre (Restaurants, Trinkets, Hypermart)

Travelling always puts me in a cheerful mood, not to mention after a 40-minutes ferry ride to Batam! I love ferry rides, you bob along to the crashing waves like a baby in the sarong, but you don't get the same violent movements in a hammock. I obviously don't get seasick, but occasionally the ride does gives me some stomach-lurching action but not too much. Mostly fun and enjoyable time on the ferry! :)

Onwards to conquer my last B-island (Bintan :D) by this year! Anyway! Here's the picture gallery of one of the shopping malls in Batam which most hotels will advertise, Nagoya Hill Shopping Centre.

I don't feel much to reminisce about A&W but this is definitely my first time trying it. I did see an A&W branch in Kota Bahru, Malaysia before but did not got down to trying it. It's mostly about fried chicken and root beer float! I ain't a fan of root beer but with ice-cream on top, it seems quite delicious and thirst-quenching after all, especially to douse the flames of the (very) spicy fried chicken!!! Well, I just checked another box on my Not-A-Suaku-Anymore list. :D [Suaku: 山龟 in Hokkien, meaning an ignorant person. Proper Chinese phrase would be 井底之蛙 but that's such a mouthful. #powerofSinglish]

After a walk around, I guess this shopping mall has more restaurants than anything else. Some of the familiar brands around include A&W, Pizza Hut, KFC and J.Co. Clothes, scarves, shoes, bags are also available but they don't look very attractive to me. You can also find little trinkets/souvenirs here. Lots of chips, keropok, junk food carts around to feed your inner glutton. A hypermart is on basement 1 for your grocery shopping - get all your Indomee, chips, drinks, daily necessities here! :)

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Nagoya Hill Shopping Centre Nagoya Hill Shopping Centre Nagoya Hill Shopping Centre Nagoya Hill Shopping Centre Nagoya Hill Shopping Centre


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