Tom's Palette @ Shaw Towers

My die-hard favourite ice-cream place is Tom's Palette, located at Shaw Towers. If I like you enough as a friend, I would have somehow or another, would have already dragged you there (at least once). Read more about the 8 reasons why I love this place.

1. They have interesting flavours that they create themselves, with funky names and surprisingly almost all the 'weird' flavours taste good! Okay I withdraw my bias statement - they do have some misses sometimes - you just have to try it first before you order your ice-cream... which brings me to my next point!

2. I just adore the service there. You can try all the new flavours and they will not give you the feeling of 'stress' just because you've tried too many flavours. And all the samples they give are so generous. I've been there no less than ten times and trust me - their service just brings a smile to my face 100% of the time.

3. Cozy and homey feeling in the shop with many drawings on the table and the serviette-notice board. I can stay there for hours to talk about anything.

4. Super cheap (for the quality of ice-cream). $3.40 for small, $4 for medium for 2 flavours in a cup. You'll get a 10% card discount if you can produce your student card - NTU/NUS/SMU/SIM/TP/RP/SMa/NP/JDMIS/SIT).

5. There's a water dispenser in case you get thirsty from all the ice-cream! Warm or ice-cold, both available for your taking.

6. It's not that inaccessible, I realized. The shortest way to get there by public transport is by Bugis MRT (through Liang Seah Street / Tan Quee Lan Street) and you'll see Shaw Towers.

7. The quality of the ice-cream is so good, you can taste it the moment it enters your mouth. Pure bliss.

8. I love their Facebook page too - it's updated, and they respond quickly. Do note that not all flavours are available everyday, your best bet is to follow them on their Facebook page to ask them or just check their Facebook updates.

To maximise your enjoyment at Tom's Palette, you've got to find two flavours that matches (because the 2 flavours you choose will be next to each other in the same cup). The same way some people likes to eat Mac fries with vanilla ice-cream, you have to find the right combinations! 

With so many flavours before your eyes, you're bound to feel overwhelmed, spoilt for choice & undecided (especially trying out so many flavours, you forgot the taste of the first one you tried already). 

These are some combinations I love: 
1. Granny's Favourite + Anything not chocolatey (Personal favourites: Yuzu / Milk)
2. Blueberry Cheesecake + Tiramisu
3. Milk + Breakfast Dessert
4. Oreo Cheesecake + Salted Caramel 
5. Black Sesame + Vanilla Creme

Flavours that I love (on its own or paired up): 
1. Granny's Favourite
2. Yuzu
3. Blueberry Cheesecake
4. Breakfast Dessert
5.  Vanilla Creme 
6. Okinawa Sugar
7. Green Tea

Flavours I find too sweet/strong for my liking (given that I'm a sweet tooth, I think these are wayyy too sweet so yes, it must be too sweet for the average human) 

1. Summer Berries: too sweet!

2. Apple Pie: too sweet!

3. Rum & Raisin: the alcohol taste is quite strong, if you like the taste of rum, then you'll love this!

4. Salted Egg Yolk: this tastes kind of strange, in fact it tastes like mooncakes! I find it a little weird. You might like it though.

5. Candy Crush: was really disgusting, I must say. I tried a little bit of Candy Crush and nearly turned diabetic on the spot.

6. Fuji Apple: It tasted just like the apple. Slightly sandier and icier, that's all. I think it's not really worth it, try other flavour instead!

Moral of the story, try the flavours before you buy it. They're really cool about it. 

Shaw Towers
100 Beach Road #01-25
Singapore 189702


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