Chock Full of Beans

To find Chock Full of Beans, it is a true blue journey to the East. This little cafe sneaked away at a corner of Changi Village is most known for its 3D latte art, but there is also something more to having coffee at this cafe.

As compared to most other cafes I've been, I find that the baristas at Chock Full of Beans are really a serious bunch of people when it comes to perfecting their latte art and remembering that their lattes are ultimately meant for the customers' enjoyment. Why do I say so? While most of the cafes may settle for a classic flower, this cafe ensures you will be delighted from the onset when you first set your eyes upon the coffee. Mood and experience is everything when it comes to cafehopping - it's never just how good it tastes. If you were to browse through the geotag for this cafe on Instagram, you will find that the latte arts are incredibly cute and special. 

If I had to use one word to describe their regular mocha and the number-one love of my life when it comes to coffee, it would be smooth. The coffee glides down the throat in one sweep, a good fifty fifty balance when it comes to this bittersweet brew. I love it! Although I didn't stay at this cafe for a full meal - just a coffee expecting a simple perk-me-up and chill for half an hour, I was pleasantly rewarded by the realization that this might really make it into my list of top favourite cafes. Well, I still have to try their food to find out. Till the next time.

Chock Full of Beans
Blk 4 Changi Village Road #01-2090
Singapore 500004


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