Suzuki Ramen Bar

It's the kind of place where you won't go if you aren't searching for it. Suzuki Ramen Bar is located at the street behind the riverside lane that connects Clarke Quay and Raffles Place. I liked how it feels like a hole in a back alley, almost like a time portal. One particular striking feature of this ramen bar is their special varieties of ramen soup bases offered. The first time I was here I tried their White Tonkotsu Ramen, but this time I spied their unique Amber & Sakura Pink soup bases which they only sold 10 bowls every night for the dinner crowd.

Choices for the lightness/ oiliness/ strength of the soup were also available on the menu to ensure your ramen is in its optimum form for your satisfaction.

The Amber Tonkotsu Ramen bowl ($14.90++) was a hybrid between curry powder and the usual ramen tonkotsu soup base. While it could pass off as a really yummy curry powder instant noodles mix, the best part about this is that it actually isn't too spicy and the wholebodied curry flavour hits right on the spot.

Sakura Pink Ramen bowl ($14.90++) was my pick of the night, well because it was seafood-base with shrimp paste and crab flavours. Okay not really, I picked it because it sounded fanciful and curiosity got the better of me.

The soup base was flavourful and interesting with the interjection of shrimp and prawn essences, definitely thick enough to satisfy any ramen craving! Bonus points for the springy and thin ramen noodles too. The ramen noodles serving is larger than usual bowls and I had a little difficulty finishing it.

There was an option to choose between fatty pork layer or the shoulder meat, and I chose the latter... it was easy to tear, not too tender but was really yummy too! Suzuki Ramen Bar is quite the understated ramen places in Singapore, with their wide variety of ramen soup base choices and quality servings, they should be more popular.

Suzuki Ramen Bar
61 Circular Road
Singapore 049415


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