C-pop happy emo songs playlist PART 1

I am dedicating this playlist to my love for C-pop, and thereby discriminating all others who don't. In recent months, I developed a penchant for a special category within this broad umbrella - the happy emo songs. If you don't listen closely enough to the lyrics, you would have easily mistaken it for a jump-on-the-seats-and-get-high karaoke song. I have a second part of the playlist coming up - this post is getting too long! Is there any you would like to add? Comment below!

1. 我是不是你最疼爱的人
This is a super popular song to be sung on singing competitions like The Voice of China by many talented participants with different styles. The original is sang by 潘越云 (now 57 years old), but my favourite rendition is sung by 萱萱 with her soulful performance. 

Easily mistaken as: A love song

But actually: This was composed in memory of a friend who passed away. While a death is most often regarded as a sad affair, it could also be a celebration of a brilliant life led. Hence, sometimes this song is (sometimes) sang in a lively manner.

Lines that should point you in the emo-momo direction:  我是不是你最疼爱的人你为什麽不说话 握住是你冰冷的手 动也不动让我好难过 (Am I the one you love the most, why do you remain silent? Holding on to your frozen, unmoving hand, it makes me so sad

2. 那年夏天宁静的海
The lyrics could bring back waves of memories if you'd listen closely.

Easily mistaken as: A peaceful reminisce of the past

But actually: The details as described tell you that it is far from that, she hasn't gotten over the past peppered with mistakes from her youth. She pretends that it's not a big deal and looks forward to the wonderful future ahead.

Lines that should point you in the emo-momo direction:  No particular lyrics, you've got to listen to the whole thing.

Link to the Youtube version and full lyrics.

3. 那些年
The theme song of the coming-of-age film, You are the Apple of my Eye.

Easily mistaken as: The difficult karaoke song

But actually: This song is closely tied to the teenage romance film which is played out in a light-hearted, almost comedic manner, but when listened as a song in itself, it screams of regrets, that's all. Painful enough.

Lines that should point you in the emo-momo direction: 那些年错过的大雨 那些年错过的爱情 好想拥抱你 拥抱错过的勇气 (The rain and the love that we missed in the past, I want to hold you so much, hold that courage that slipped us by)

Link to the Youtube version and full lyrics.

4. 不痛不快
The singer welcomes an assault on her emotions, as if it's a good thing to spice up her life. This singer 林凡 is my personal favourite when it comes to late night playlists due to her soothing mid-tone voice.

Easily mistaken as: A strong independent woman singing about tough love

But actually: While the cheerful lyrics seem to suggest that she enjoys the tribulations of love, nobody really likes getting hurt. Ironies line the whole song.

Lines that should point you in the emo-momo direction: 需要难忘的关怀 首先要劳烦你狠心对我伤害 (I need memorable care, but first, I have to trouble you to hurt me)

Link to the Youtube version and full lyrics.

5. 五天幾年
Another song by 林凡 that can't be missed when it comes to this category. You can go explore more of her other songs if you'd like, she's really good! 

Easily mistaken as: A slightly emo song

But actually: An extremely emo song that sings of resignation to ill fate in love... continuing her relaxed style of emo songs rather than a teary pain-stricken sort of song, you'll become inclined to slowly wallow in the same pool of silent tears with her.

Lines that should point you in the emo-momo direction: 如果說這是愛 醒來好像夢一場 如果說這是愛 我情願去流浪 (If this is love, waking up feels like a dream. If this is love, I'd rather wander alone)

Link to the Youtube version and full lyrics.

6. 味道
A song from two decades ago which doesn't have much lyrics, this shouldn't be a stranger to anyone who loves C-pop.

Easily mistaken as: A slightly emo song

But actually: Depression-inducing song with the stylistic repetition of the simple things singer misses about someone, even normally gross things like socks and cigarettes.

Lines that should point you in the emo-momo direction: 想念你的笑 想念你的外套 想念你白色襪子 和你身上的味道  我想念你的吻 和手指淡淡煙草味道 記憶中曾被愛的味道 (I miss your smile, jacket, white socks, your smell, your kiss, the cigarette nicotine on your fingers, and the memory of being loved)

Link to the Youtube version and full lyrics.

7. 夜空中最亮的星
A song by Escape Plan, a Chinese indie band which I wrote about before here but I first heard it from 張恆遠 on The Voice of China. Initially I was concentrating more on how sad he was making me with his teary eyes rather than the meaning of the song itself. The song treads along the fine line of hopeful and helpless.

Easily mistaken as: A song about bright stars, the night and life's goals

But actually: A love song about trust and communication in a relationship

Lines that should point you in the emo-momo direction: 我寧願所有痛苦都留在心裡 也不願忘記你的眼睛 給我再去相信的勇氣 (I'd rather bury all the pain in my heart than to forget your eyes, give me courage to believe again)

Link to the Youtube version and full lyrics.

8. 对你爱不完
Aaron Kwok's iconic song that everyone should have heard before at some point in their life! I learnt of this song when I was quite young. I love dancing to this with its pop tune and using this as a shower song as I can remember the lyrics very well. You've also got to listen to deconstructed R&B version by 金池 and 魏語諾 which removes it of any traces of emoness.

Easily mistaken as: A super happy pop song

But actually: An endless chase for requited love. People might disagree with me on this (How can this song be sad?!) because of its really upbeat melody, but just you've got to read the lyrics to believe me with the meanings of getting wasted.

Lines that should point you in the emo-momo direction: 风吹得路好长 一颗心晃呀晃多想找人陪我逛 累了睡在马路上 表面上很倔强 其实内心一团糟 怕自己爱得像太阳 (The bitter winds makes the road seem longer, my lonely heart wishes for someone to accompany me. I just want to sleep on the road when I'm tired. I appear to be stubborn and strong, but my mind is in a mess.). 


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