C-pop happy emo songs playlist PART 2

This is the second installation of the C-pop happy emo songs playlist. Don't resist sad songs when you are feeling down, music has a way of healing you. You can find the first part here. Is there any you would like to add? Comment below!

9. 当我知道你们相爱
Singapore-born Derrick Ho was discovered during the Project Superstar competition. He subsequently went on to cut a few more albums with the occasional awesome song. Even though the MV for this song makes him look like a K-pop wannabe, it is sung with fluttery tranquility.

Easily mistaken as: A strangely slow hiphop song.

But actually: This song is about going through the fifth degree of separation - seeing the other party find happiness again.

Lines that should point you in the emo-momo direction: 当我知道你们相爱 有了开始有了未来 (When I knew you guys were in love, beginning to have a future together)

Links to Youtube version and full lyrics.

10. 心在跳
This is another quiet and lullaby-like song sung originally by Leon Lai. Different people would perform it with mild distinction, depending on their interpretation. Some people could see it in a hopeful light while others cast it in a darker shadow. I interpret it in the latter manner.

Easily mistaken as: A lullaby.

But actually: There are many varied ways of deciphering this song. Some people could regard it as a reminder to cherish what you have now, others see it as a way to cope with long-distance relationships (which I find it difficult to agree with). I think that it is about the helplessness and minute strength of humans when it comes to predicting the destiny and fate between people, before deciding that even coexistence is precious.

Lines that should point you in the emo-momo direction: 也许答案得走过天涯海角 最后才知道 (Maybe we will only find the answer at the end of time) ... 最后才知道 听得见你心在跳 最重要 (In the end I realize that just hearing your heartbeat is the most important)

11. 忠孝東路走九遍
A song that doesn't originate from the era of music that I normally listen to but it is very uniquely Taipei. If you've travelled to that beautiful city before, you can easily visualise as the song plays out.

Easily mistaken as: A satisfying karaoke song.

But actually: Obsessive reminders scattered all over the city.

Lines that should point you in the emo-momo direction: 我從日走到夜 心從灰跳到黑 我多想跳上車子離開傷心的台北 (I walked from dawn till dusk, my heart slowly resigning to fate. I really want to hail a cab and leave the sad Taipei)

12. 步步
I'm sneaking this song into this list because I'm still crazy over Scarlet Heart's OST. Besides, how can I miss a MayDay song into any C-pop playlist? I'm biased, yes! A Shin's voice is wonderfully soothing and camouflages a full-blown emo song through intricately written lyrics.

Easily mistaken as: Just another MayDay masterpiece

But actually: If you'd watched Scarlet Heart together with this song, every single time the song starts it feels like your heart just got mangled. It reminds us that relationships with people are built so slowly and painstakingly, thus you can also infer that destroying it is much easier. I can't do the original Chinese lyrics much justice by diluting it through translation.

Lines that should point you in the emo-momo direction: 一步步曾经 一步步想念 在脚下蔓延在充满你的回忆里面 我独自流浪海角天边 一步步走过 当时心愿 (Every step of the past is every step of our memories, I wander alone to the ends of the world, passing by every promise made)

13. 魚
This song attains a nirvana-like realm, recalling the past with unusual calmness. You might think the suspense built up in the first few verses will reach a crescendo at the chorus... but no, it is almost as if she is too tired to resist against the unhappiness and sings the remainder of the song with abnormal patience.

Easily mistaken as: Another lullaby.

But actually: When you've reached a stage where you stopped fighting, this is what happens.

Lines that should point you in the emo-momo direction: 帶不走的丟不掉的,讓大雨侵蝕吧 (Let the rain consume what you cannot bring away or throw)

14. 爱要坦荡荡
Another of those super happy songs cannot possibly be an emo song in disguise? Are you sure?

Easily mistaken as: Super lively confession song

But actually: Trying to get over trust issues and giving second chances

Lines that should point you in the emo-momo direction: 你不必太紧张 诚实会有点难 也许完美对我反而是假象 过去我不想谈 有缺憾也无妨 我要你的自然 (You don't have to be nervous, honesty might be difficult. Perfection will appear fake to me. I don't want to talk about the past, it's okay to have mistakes. I want you to be natural)

15. 王妃
Jam Hsiao is such a flexible singer, he can perform many different genres while still being very comfortable in his skin. This is one of the screaming-songs (for the untrained) in a karaoke session that can drive people out of the room.

Easily mistaken as: Punk rock song! What else?

But actually: It's a disguise - it's going into a deranged and selflessness mode in the pursuit of love. 

Lines that should point you in the emo-momo direction: 夜太美 儘管再危險 總有人黑著眼眶熬著夜/ 儘管再卑微 也想嘗粉身碎骨的滋味 (The night is too seductive - no matter how dangerous it is, there will still be someone willing to stay up/ no matter how inferior it will be, (I) want to try the feeling of being completely damaged)

16. 红蜻蜓
Released more than 20 years ago, this song is a classic that many children might have heard on the radio. I used to think that it is some children's song because on the outset, it sounds like it is about growing up. But different verses of the song will be outstanding for different people... it will be relevantly cheerful for toddlers, hopeful for young adults, and downright depressing as you age. By2's rendition represents a considerably happy generation.

Easily mistaken as: That classic song.

But actually: Sings of the cruel hand of fate.

Lines that should point you in the emo-momo direction: 我們都已經長大 好多夢還要飛 (We've all grown up, there are many dreams waiting to be realized)


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