Gyoza-ya @ Orchard Robinson

I'm definitely game for gyozas for lunch anyday! Gyoza-ya is one of the hottest lunch places on Orchard Road, housed in the basement of the new Orchard Robinson (previously: The Heerens) now, and I can understand why after going once.

Gyoza-ya's Ninniku Yaki Meshi, or Japanese garlic fried rice, was teeming with wokhei fragrance and fried omelette. However, the portion is so small, it seems like a tasting serving! I could finish the whole bowl in five mouthfuls, I think... and yes, the photo was taken before anyone dug in.

This outlet specializes in both pan-fried and boiled gyozas with pork or vegetable fillings. Of course, I have to try both the pan-fried and the boiled pork gyozas. The pan-fried gyozas are relatively more outstanding than the boiled gyozas.  The pan-fried gyozas would definitely satisfy any expectations of crispy, slightly burnt dumpling skin with juicy steaming hot and tasty pork fillings. They have enough flavour on their own, but dip in the sweet sauce if you'd must. The boiled gyozas, on the hand, were also enjoyable and thickly coated with a sweet and sour vinegar sauce. But if you have to choose only one, go for the pan-fried ones!

Orchard Robinson
260 Orchard Road #B1-02
Singapore 238855


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