Party supplies, decorations, materials, photoshoot props and more (Singapore)

Previous I wrote an article on cafes as party venues for people who wish to host a party for their celebratory purposes - birthdays, bachlorette's party, gathering, farewells, and more! Whether you are hosting your party at a cafe, a condo function room or any space, you need some decorations and some preparation materials to welcome your guests with. While most people would think of going Art Friend, Daiso or Spotlight when you think of decoration, the cheaper option is to visit Midland House on Queen Street right next to Bugis Plus!

The orangey-red-grey building is Bugis Plus, to give you a better perspective of where this place is located.

There are three shops that retails all sorts of things that you may possibly need! The first is P&G party and gifts, the second is AZ Gift & Trading, and the third is Heartlink Trading. There must be something inside that you need but you haven't thought of, or something that you would be cool to have!

Welcome your guests and make them feel like you appreciate their presence with a door gift! That sets everyone's mood on a pleasant tone. Don't go on spending a bomb on the door gift bag itself, here you can buy them in bulk at cheap prices. Note: Pictures of goodie bags are a compilation of all three shops. They are situated next to each other, so you can go browse all three for the exact one you see above.

Some of the necessary items that you need to buy include: paper plates, cups, utensils, straws, serviettes, if your caterer doesn't already provide them. What better way to thrill your guests than with specially coloured plates to match your party theme? You can probably find all sorts of colours here.

If you are running out of time to make adorable decorations to fill the ceiling with, just buy these ready-made lanterns or streamers. At least you don't have to spend a bomb and lots of time scrolling through or Pinterest for ideas. However I would still advise you to buy craft materials to make these yourself because that is also part of the fun of organizing a party!

They also sell fairy lights in various colours for a more Christmas feel or even simply to light up the space for a night event. That little bubbles of light will definitely make the whole area look much more soft and romantic. Picture perfect! :)

Balloons are a necessity, absolutely gorgeous to take photos with (think: photobooth!) and most importantly, cheapest in terms of the area decorated and done with! Ten special-looking (printed or heart-shaped) balloons for $18 that can bring a LOT of joy to your guests - why not? Prices are inclusive of helium pumping service and the balloons itself. So much cheaper than ArtBox which sold $18 for two balloons - yes I got fleeced there.

There are also a lot of random masks, costumes, furry snakes for your photoshoot props. On the topic of photoshoot booth - you can fix up a backdrop by purchasing a piece of cloth from Chinatown at a cheap price (usually about $6/metre depending the quality and pattern) or get wrapping paper ($0.30/pc at Japan Home). There is a Japan Home branch at Bugis Village about 5 minutes walk away from here.

As your one-stop shop for your party supplies, they also sell candy... but I would advise you to go to NTUC Fairprice for greater variety and more quality snacks.

Something that caught my eye was this confetti gun which is really cool! $10 a stick - a little expensive for little bits of shredded paper, but makes for a really awesome effect - get your cameras ready and pump this into the air when the birthday boy/girl enters into the room!

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