Singapore's first cat cafe Neko No Niwa: Photo post & 5 notes for the interested!

Neko no Niwa Cat Cafe: Despite being a cafe, the star attractions were the thirteen cafe cats roaming around or sleeping in their little furry nests. There was little surprise when we came and went without trying any of their food... those little furries are too cute! This little cafe is inconspicuously hidden in the troves of seafood restaurants and bars along Boat Quay. The entire area feels like the interior of a cozy Japanese home inspired by wood surfaces and cream-based furniture. Picture post with lots of cat pictures!

5 notes for people who are interested to visit Neko No Niwa!

1. Dining will be difficult and impractical
Very Muji and minimalistic, but the entire area is very inconducive for any actual dining in - with only one rectangular low table and a long balcony table. Although there are food available such as cakes and coffees, you will be highly distracted (you should be!) by the roaming cats and hardly able to concentrate on eating anyway. Fill your stomach before you come.
2. It won't be value for money. 
It is plainly an opportunity to immerse yourself in a rare environment of many different cats. Don't look for "value-for-money", consider it as the buying of an experience that you cannot get anywhere else unless you hop onto a plane to Taiwan or Japan. 
3. Reservations are important! 
With Singapore teeming with cat lovers and cafehoppers, you can be sure that this winning combination will be very popular. The kitties are nocturnal - so either book a slot at 11am (the earliest) or in the evening. 
4. 1 hour - 1.5 hours will be sufficient. 
I love cats, but I found that the cafe had little activities for the patrons and cats such that the only thing you will really be doing is (attempting to) take photos with them. The cats are generally quite aloof and doesn't warm up to strangers as quickly as some strays do. 
5. No cuddling/ close contact with cats. 
They aren't taking "cuddle fee" literally - you are not allowed to carry them and you will also be subjected to other rules as well. I'm not sure why such close monitoring is required when patrons are definitely cat lovers and will treat them with care and lots of love.
Nevertheless, I enjoyed myself tremendously at Neko no Niwa with the beautiful cats, but won't be going back again due to the sky-high cover charges.

Neko no Niwa
54A Boat Quay #02
Singapore 04984


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  1. OMG! I might fly to singapore just for this!
    But it's too bad, they don't let us cuddle with the cats, they might be afraid if cats become too anxious or something like that.. But still..


  2. OMG! It's to cute! I might fly to singapore only for this!



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