Spanish Doughnuts @ Orchard Central

Churros. What are they, and why are they invading your social media space?! Singapore picked up this trend during the last months of 2013, but the obsession with these sticky sweet dough sticks just intensified with the opening of Spanish Doughnuts at Orchard Central.

There are two types of churros you can buy - the Original or the Premium. I wanted to try the Original because I haven't had churros (yes, virgin experience!) before, and also partially I was taken aback by the prices. I didn't know some little bread sticks could be so expensive. Original churros were going at $6.90 for three, but once I set them in my mouth... it was really worth it. Imagine the whole crispy oily (in a good way) warm doughnut goodness laced with half-melted sugar, and a dip of dark chocolate - and it is really soft inside too. One and a half is good enough for a serving, any more would be overkill. If you haven't tried this before, it'll be quite a unique experience. I enjoyed mine, and I foresee I'll be craving for it. Well, I'll get Churrosity's version (read: I did it here!) if I dropped by Holland V.

Spanish Doughnuts seemed rather quiet, but you'll soon realize it is actually packed with people huddled in low-toned conversations. This place is gaining popularity really fast - if you don't want to queue for a seat to try churros, go get them quick!

Spanish Doughnuts
Orchard Central
181 Orchard Road #05-51/52
Singapore 238896


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