Tanuki Raw, revisited!

Guess what? I was so enticed by the other dishes in Tanuki Raw's menu that I came back for a second visit. I am in crazy need to expand my stomach space so that I can eat many dishes in one seating. Another attraction about Tanuki Raw is its affordable prices and fusion vibes that I really enjoy immersing myself in. Have you not gone there yet? Get in the know about the promotions that you cannot miss out (I did, regretted, and planning my third trip). Read about the first visit here

This time, I found myself craving for some Japanese curry and therefore, Tanuki Curry is the choice of the night. It definitely did not disappoint - I love the richness and wholebodiedness of the curry flavour. If I were to compare to the most relatable Japanese curry in Singapore - CoCoICHIBANYA - it will be about twice the intensity of flavours but not overpowering. The chicken cutlet was an awesome pairing with the Japanese curry with its crispy breaded crumbs layering and tender meat. Extremely satisfying.

After trying the Tanuki Raw's Oyster Mentaiko Set, I'm two minds about which one I liked better! I was quite surprised that the oysters came in this presentation rather than just... you know, oysters. It was da bomb - the oyster was SO juicy and fat! The fried breaded crumbs were actually a very thin layer, the rest of it is the oyster itself. You've got to eat it with the tangy cod roe sauce, it's very lusciously thick. The rest is just yummy history.

Tanuki Raw has happy hour promotions that you cannot miss out. Happy hour promotions include $2 for freshly shucked oysters (limit 6 per drink), $7 for 5 slices of salmon sashimi, $10 martinis, $10 pints of beer, 
$11 classic cocktails, and the promise of an awesome view of Orchard Road! I arrived a little after eight and missed it - but it's okay. I'd love to be back. 

Tanuki Raw
Orchard Central
181 Orchard Road #02-03
Singapore 238896 


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