Tanuki Raw

One of my favourite malls in town has got to be Orchard Central. I know - most people regard it as a ghost town, it's often empty of people and overshadowed by its neighbour, Somerset 313. But it definitely houses a lot of hidden finds and quirky restaurants, bars, boutiques and gift shops that deviates from the usual franchise brands. That's why I always find myself wandering around Orchard Central and I still haven't gotten bored of it. This time I tried one of the Japanese-inspired bar bistro, Tanuki Raw, also the sister restaurant of Standing Sushi Bar.

For checking into Tanuki Raw on FourSquare, you can get a free appetizer of Fried Fish Skin. While it wasn't at its maximum crispiness, this semi-crunchy snack still satiated my tastebuds nicely with a dip of chilli sauce.

The Salmon Mentaiko Set ($12++) on the menu was the most striking, but choosing my set would only be difficult because there are many selections that are enticing even by the sound of it! A set consists of the don, a salad bowl with lotus root chips, and a miso soup. I enjoyed my salmon mentaiko don tremendously - the Japanese rice and salmon was adequately drizzled with delicious and tangy cod roe sauce. The torched and the slightly burnt flavour on salmon... nobody can resist it, really. The salad bowl was average and I tried bit of the vegetables but I decided that I really don't like green things. The miso soup deserves special mention too - it was not too salty and yet the miso flavour is quite strong too. First time that I could finish the miso soup!

This is Tanuki Raw's Sunshine Don ($15++), not mine, but I kinda wished I ordered this too when I saw it. Can you imagine black pepper smoked duck breast and bacon dripping with cream cheese in a bowl? I tried a bit of it and it tasted very yummy. Definitely a place I'll recommend if you're swinging by Orchard for a get-together either lunch or dinner. There are plenty of drinks here too since it is a bar! Tanuki Raw has a long balcony overlooking Orchard Road, with happy hour daily from 5 - 8pm with martinis at $10! Well, definitely a cool place to chill.

Tanuki Raw also offers fresh raw oysters flown in from France, Canada, and Japan! Oysters start at $2 during oyster happy hour daily from 5 - 8pm. How awesome is that? You can have oysters and martinis during happy hour altogether. Read more about their promotions during happy hour here. I loved this place so much, I came for a second round of fusion goodness - check out my revisiting post here.

Tanuki Raw
Orchard Central
181 Orchard Road #02-03
Singapore 238896 


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