Togi Charcoal BBQ & Salad Bar @ TripleOne Somerset

Look out - Korea is making waves again on our shores with culinary imprints. Yoogane and Togi Korean Restaurant have been acquiring quite a lot of space on social media for the past week especially. While I am still not ready to brave the queues for Yoogane, I visited Togi Korean Restaurant for a friends gathering!

It turned out to be a good decision because there are so many dishes at Togi Korean Restaurant that you can't really finish on your own but you want to try a bit of everything!

Togi provides starters generously with six choices - tuna with green peas, kimchi, potato salad, beansprouts, sweet fried anchovies, and spicy sliced sausage.

We all loved the Spicy Stir Fried Chicken - I can finish two bowls of rice alone with this dish! Its piquant spiciness is not over-the-top and lightly fizzles on the tongue, and really yummy. It is very addictive - order this if you're coming!

Togi's spicy stir fried rice cakes (dukbokki) were doused with a fiery spicy thick sauce but nonetheless still sweet and strong in its flavours. The cylindrical shaped sticky rice cakes were also very chewy! It would be perfect if there are more sesame seeds to go around.

The Spicy Beef Soup with glass noodles did not seemed spicy for me, and I loved the soup a lot because it is so rich with flavours and ingredients! Different types of mushrooms were infused in it along with silky smooth glass noodles. 

This kimchi pancake with squid is pan-fried and really crispy, but a little burnt on the edges and on the flip side too. It isn't exactly as delicious as compared to the other meat dishes but a good try nonetheless. The sweet sauce was overpowered by the burnt taste of the pancake itself.

The grilled saba fish is the most impressive dish in picture! It gets cold quite quickly, so dig in when it arrives immediately. It is not deboned, so be careful too! In terms of taste, I think it's not the freshest sort, just average and not too memorable.

I enjoyed the atmosphere at Togi Korean Restaurant which has a high-ceiling concept with hanging vegetation... a modern place that incorporates greenery within indoor space. TripleOne Somerset is also quieter and very conducive for some getaway from the raging crowds on Orchard Road.

Togi Charcoal BBQ & Salad Bar
TripleOne Somerset, 111 Somerset Road #02-16
Singapore 238164


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