Bio-essence Tanaka White: 4X Intensive Whitening Serum + Double Whitening Day Cream

Whitening creams and serums are not only for the dark-skinned beauties, Bio-essence Tanaka White basic whitening series is cultivated to combat initial signs of ageing like dull complexion and to prevent the occurrence of dark and age spots to maintain your skin's fairness. Now, none of us are truly spared from the evil hands of time and UV rays... we have to start locking in our skin's youthful state now or it will just deteriorate! In this review, I will be introducing the Bio-essence Tanaka White 4X Intensive Whitening Serum and Double Whitening Day Cream.

The new Bio-essence Tanaka White 4X Intensive White Serum is improved and specially formulated with premium alpha-Arbutin that is 9X more powerful than beta-Arbutin, which is typically found in many other whitening products in the market. Arbutin, extracted from bearberry plants and helps to brighten dull and yellowish skin, is a great natural whitening agent that is known for eliminating pigmentation and improving overall skin complexion. It also helps maintain skin’s fairness by preventing the formation of melanin and protects skin against harmful UV rays.

What are the two causes of darkness?

1. External factors such as frequent exposure to the sun and harsh elements cause skin to be dry and dull, which increases melanin activity in the skin, thus leading to the formation of dark spots and freckles. 

2. Internal problem of existing pigments and spots that are embedded deep within the skin that cannot be treated and prevented with any amount of sunblock.

Why is it called 4X?
The star product of Bio-essence’s Tanaka White series comes with powerful 4X whitening, as it is aptly named. Bio-essence has innovatively combined the 4 powerful and effective whitening agents, Tanaka Extract, alpha-Arbutin, Kojic Acid and Tranexamic Acid to specially formulate the 4X Intensive Whitening Serum, targeting and treating the two causes of darkness.

The packaging of the white serum evokes a rather scientific aura with a pipette for dispensing the serum! The 4X Intensive Whitening Serum promises visible results in 4 days, for existing pigmentation and spots to be effectively lightened, skin tone evened out and complexion 
dramatically brightened. As a result, skin exudes radiance with a smooth and healthy-looking complexion that is also intensified for a flawless fair skin which glows from within.

Now, does it really? Let's put it to the test!

The texture of the whitening serum is quite light and milky, very smooth and absorbs very well into the skin. Small quantity of the serum just like the amount shown on my finger is sufficient to spread throughout my face!

The Double Whitening Day Cream comes with SPF 20, Tanaka Extract and Tranexamic Acid to help suppress excessive production of melanin, protects skin from harmful sunlight and repairs skin for instant fairness from within so that skin glows with crystal clear luminosity. Regain bright and naturally fair skin as it helps repair damaged cells and encourage cell renewal. Uniquely formulated 
with hyaluronic acid to keep skin hydrated and moisturized, it is lightly textured with a non-greasy formula to facilitate fast absorption while Tanaka Extract helps to keep skin cool.

The day cream is relatively heavier and much thicker. It wafts of floral fragrance and I enjoy putting this on as a daytime protection on top of my usual sunscreen. It feels very "nourishing" and could be unsuitable for people with oily skin, and may feel sticky after a few hours.

First day of putting both the 4X Intensive Whitening Serum + Double Whitening Day Cream.

I'm not sure if it's psychological or real, but my face feels softer to the touch and I rely less and less on makeup as the days progress. I used to put on makeup even when going shopping at a nearby mall, but I feel much more confident with going barefaced. I can't really see the whitening effects over just five days of experimentation (I stopped my other similar facial creams for this period of time), I guess because I'm already naturally quite fair and I don't hide away indoors all the time. However, I am pleased to find the suppleness and hydration level in my skin to improve. I prefer using the whitening serum much more because I find the day cream a little oily for my face and when I put on my CC cream on top of the day cream, it feels like this combination weighs down on my skin quite a bit.

Interested in the benefits that Bio-essence Tanaka White: 4X Intensive Whitening Serum + Double Whitening Day Cream can bring you? 

You can get a free sample here at Bioessence Singapore's Facebook page. Bio-essence Tanaka White: 4X Intensive Whitening Serum is available at 30ml and retails for $45.80. Bio-essence Tanaka White Double Whitening Day Cream retails at $29.80 at 40g. Available at Watsons, Guardian, NTUC Fairprice, personal beauty stores and major supermarkets.


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