Chomp Chomp Food Centre

Chomp Chomp Food Centre is one of the classic hawkercentres in Singapore where you can bring your foreign friend to introduce all kinda of hawker food. They have everything under one roof. Literally. This place is also next to Serangoon Gardens where there are plenty of bars and restaurants. Bookmark this under the next place to visit for a group outing!

Secret-not-so-secret-anymore: this is my first visit to this part of Singapore - mostly because I didn't had the habit of dining out a few years back. But boy, I knew I couldn't miss out on this place which was slated to be one of the corners in this gourmet paradise city.

The crowd is still enthusiastically raging within this packed pavillion at eight in the evening. Many people were standing around waiting for a seat, while exerting eyepower at those who have already finished their food. In the sweltering heat, you might think some people would retreat into the cooling restaurants or bars nearby, but no - plenty swarmed around and waited for a place.

It was really humid in the hawker centre but there must be a reason why people are willing to endure the heat just to dine here! This is a very strained selfie because I was perspiring like crazy and very hungry too!

One of the more interesting and rarer dishes was the savoury oyster cake ($2.50), which was jam-packed with juicy oysters mixed with rice flour, spring onions, and shrimps. The exterior was also pan-fried to a crisp topped with peanuts. It is quite a treat! I would eat an entire oyster cake myself if only I'm not saving stomach space for more!

Satay (10 for $5) is a must-have for me in this hawker feast! This was not the best, but yummy enough to satisfy my minimum expectations. It would have been more ideal if there was more meat and juicier too. But I guess it's a trend in hawker centres where stallholders scrimp a bit more on satay portions. The satay sauce was thick and concentrated with fragrant peanuts!

Satay beehoon ($4) is like an extension of the satay but with more ingredients, including taupok, prawns, vegetables and of course, silky beehoon.

The sambal stingray was my favourite even though I can't take a lot of spicy food! The sambal chilli was very strong but this degree of spiciness is just perfect to complement the tender stingray meat. It slips off the bones easily, demonstrating how fresh the fish is!

When it comes to hawker drinks, I always go for sugarcane! It just isn't the same without it, it's refreshing and quenches my thirst immediately. Moreover, I need it to douse the flames from the sambal stingray... and there I go again - second round of it.

Obligatory: oyster omelette ($8) - salty, pan-fried, fragrant wokhei, juicy, generous oysters portion and good ol' chilli. Nothing out of the ordinary, 100% comforting. I'm a Singaporean girl yo!

Another personal favourite was the Hokkien mee ($4) which made me wish I had a second stomach. Even though I was bursting at my seams - this was a meal for two! - I just wanted to keep going and going at this. Very wokhei, very luscious with the sauce, the hokkien mee was springy and delicious, everything hits the hokkien mee taste nail in my mind.

Over-the-table overhead mid-meal shot with conquered satays and wrinkled chopstick plastics. A meal for two people and this is... a little bit of over-ordering, but how can anyone resist? It's like putting a girl in the middle of the ultimate shopping sales. Indulging.


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