Exploring Cheong Chin Nam & Kilat Court

It was one of those cruel hot days that Singapore could ever have, but since I was in the Bukit Timah area, why not do some exploring on my own? (Please pick a day with better weather to walk around here.) After studying in a nearby institution for two years, I thought I would have been familiar with this territory, but I still discovered a lot of fresh perspectives in this place after a long hiatus. I tried the Al-Azhar Eating Restaurant while I was wandering, if you're interested to know what to eat in this region.

These photos are in reverse chronological order. This is the row of houses opposite Kilat Court where the famous Carpenter and Cook, Udders, Alfero Artisan Gelato, Nook House of Pancakes and more are located. With so many icy cool desserts and cakes, you'll have no lack of places to chill out with friends!

The flowers from this plant have this interesting off-purplish hues that I thought was unique and different from the usual flowers that we always see on the roadside.

  The white arches remain a very distinctive characteristic of the building here.

This place is actually just round the corner away from the main road where a lot of buses go.

Nobody to take my #ootd so gotta find a full-length mirror.

Old Town White Coffee has closed down for quite some time, but the signage remains. Nostalgic times.

The Domino's pizza guy gamely posing for me in the middle of the road! I love Domino's pizzas because they are always late and they'll give this voucher for a free pizza on the next order. Okay they are my favourite pizzas when it comes to pizza deliveries options.

A super old-school confectionery - Ng Kim Lee Confectionery. They sell a lot of kuehs and biscuits.

Stirling is one of the restaurant-bar along Cheong Chin Nam Road which was very empty on a weekend afternoon - perhaps the crowd will start pouring in when nightfalls.

A picture of the entire stretch of Cheong Chin Nam restaurants and eateries. The Downtown line construction is still ongoing on the left, hiding the trove of yummy treasures opposite Beauty World. If you're sick of shopping malls and commercialized big franchise brands, this is a place you could consider beyond Holland Village and Serangoon Gardens.

I'm not kidding when I said the weather was crazy. I don't usually sweat a lot. I can wear a denim jacket and stroll down Orchard Road without breaking a sweat, but I had tons of perspiration running down my back that day. That's why everyone was hiding somewhere indoors or in the shelter. 

There are a lot of time-honoured brands that the older generation would approve, and the younger generation would find quite refreshing. 

I can't smile when I'm hungry and on fire with the weather like that. This is the friendliest face I can muster.

This is my favourite photo which I took while waiting for my food in Al-Azhar Eating Restaurant. Awesome view huh.


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