Gan Yakitori @ Star Vista

Blogging about my succulent food experiences sounds like an excellent way to regain my sanity from my travelling - which I promise to blog about without a deadline... just learning to balance life in a more relaxed way like the French do. Gan Yakitori is one of the new restaurants since Star Vista's renovations. It is also related to the wonderful creators of Itacho Sushi, going along the lines of a dimly-lit izakaya emphasizing on yakitoris than sushis.

If you're seated right at the yakitori bar, your selections will be skewered and grilled over Bincho charcoal right before your eyes.

The yakitoris were truly the awesome house specialties of Gan Yakitori with quality ingredients. Every bite exceeds expectations of how shiok a yakitori could be. However, for the hungry customers, the bill can get expensive quickly as the portions are small. Recommended to get a few yakitoris to try but don't expect to fill your stomach with them alone.

The Oyako Chicken Don was served with with a wobbly half-cooked egg yolk (!) and miso soup. I miss Japanese food so much! The miso soup is worth mentioning because it is the rare few with no overpowering saltiness and true miso tastes. The chicken was properly prepared to achieve the tenderized texture but not marinated enough. The don was a little bland for my palate, which explains the soya sauce and black pepper spamming.

The dessert came in the form of Matcha Azuki with vanilla ice-cream and cornflakes! I love the matcha a lot because it is super rich and every inch of it is pure green tea. The azuki beans were also fresh and sweet with no grainy texture! Cornflakes seemed a little out of place though. Overall a satisfying dessert even though it is too small for my big appetite for desserts.

Gan Yakitori
The Star Vista
1 Vista Exchange Green #02-20
Singapore 138617


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