Ofira Amazing Thai Food

Ofira Amazing Thai Food is one of the restaurants at the basement of Far East Plaza. Since I've been working in the region for the past one month, I thought of trying out this Thai eatery which I've always breezed past.

Not only was I curious, I was nursing this constant nagging craving for mango sticky rice even though I had one every two weeks in recent months. I have no idea why because every time I eat it, I get slightly disappointed but I know this dish can outshine a lot of other desserts given this magical combination. Well, Ofira continues to fail my expectations when it comes to this dessert... although this isn't a fair judgment to this popular eatery since I only ate one non-signature dish.

Ofira Amazing Thai Food
Far East Plaza
14 Scotts Road #01-20
Singapore 228213


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  1. I don't know this restaurant but you should try more ... because Thai food is the best ! Read my article about thy food if you want :)



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