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When it comes to catching up with good friends over drinks at night, we're often divided over our favourite bars (or the lack thereof) and unsure of where to go. One of the hottest stretch of bars and restaurants in town lie further down along the river at Robertson Walk - one of which is a Spanish watering hole, Barraka Bar & Restaurant. Barraka's restaurant chef, Sergio Hernandez Sevillano, hails from Madrid and has great culinary expertise in traditional Spanish tapas. This was a collaboration food tasting by OpenRice Singapore and NightDoWhat, hosted by Reka together with Ivan Teh, Serena and NightDoWhat representatives.

There is an alfresco dining/drinking area for those who like to watch people mill about and chat endlessly for hours under the stars. Barraka's has an extensive collection of alcohol, so drink up and drink away!

The rest of the restaurant is rather dim, which sets a laidback atmosphere perfect for Friday nights (think TGIF and sleep-in mornings) to while quality time away with great conversations. 

We were first greeted with refreshing sparkling Sangria, a harmony of orange citrus and bubbly flavours with a hint of sweet. It's an instant crowd pleaser, and possibly more popular with the ladies. 

The Boquerones en Vinagre were displayed in a spangled fashion, with rather intense fishy taste and velvety smooth texture from the marinated anchovies. I liked how the vinegar and olive oil in the sauce offsets a little of its original taste. The olives felt a little random for me, especially because I don't like these black round things. On overall, this dish is unique and an interesting try.

The Calamarea ala Andalzua was the next dish served, which went slightly overboard with the salt. It was a little rubbery to chew as well, but the squid used was fresh and it turned out to be really addictive.

My favourite dish of the day was the Salteado de Gambas e Setaas, the smooth synthesis of variants of mushrooms and sauteed prawns. It is amazing how they managed to assemble everything into such a pretty plating, especially the smooth sauce tracing around the little molehill of mushrooms. I was drawn to it at first sight already, and the mushrooms were really delicious, smooth and richly fragrant with garlic. The prawns (now, who don't love prawns?!) were fresh and slips off the shells easily. Out of politeness, I refrained myself from poking all the prawns and claiming them to be my own... but you know what I'd do if I had all the freedom in the world. ;)

This inky black Arroz Negro is made of gelatinous squid ink paella with red bell peppers topped with mayonnaise. A fun challenge to photograph the dark contours of this dish, but not exactly exciting to avoid staining my lips from the dark colours. I've never been exactly a fan of squid ink dishes, but I thought I'll give it a try. Barraka's version of squid ink paella is much more saltier than most, much stickier and richer in flavours - not my kind of thing but I'm sure there will be people who like it this way!

I would recommend the Salteado de Gambas e Setaas and Calamarea ala Andalzua to share as safe choices, and the Boquerones en Vinagre and Arroz Negro as slightly more adventurous dishes.

Team OpenRice selfie! :)

Barraka Restaurant & Bar
Robertson Walk
11 Unity St #01-18/29
Singapore 237995


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