The Entertainer Party for JULY 2014 at Kinki Rooftop Bar

Your dining expenditure is likely to be scarier than you think... at least, I'm sure mine is. I'm pretty stingy when it comes to buying makeup or clothes, but when it comes to food, I tend to splurge quite a bit. The solution is to look out for lunchtime deals, credit card promotions or my favourite 1-for-1 promotions! But they don't always come easily... but my lucky star is here: The Entertainer App which offers 1-for-1 dining deals! It is also the holy grail to guilt-free dining for people who dine out a lot and the saviour to guys who always have to pick up the tab on dates. has a 20% off the NEW one-month Entertainer App! Read on to find out.

For me, I love The Entertainer app for 6 reasons.
1. I will never run out of dining ideas again.
The Entertainer app is an awesome invention for foodies or simply for people who dine out a lot. Whenever I'm out of ideas on where to eat  (yes, I get that sometimes too), I can now open The Entertainer app and see where all the 1-for-1 promotions are in the area... and there I go!

2. Specific categories for your convenience.
The Entertainer app also has many categories so that you can narrow down your searches by name, shopping mall, hotel, area and cuisine. It's easy to navigate and makes the user experience much more sleek. Simply choose the shopping mall that I've strolled into and see what promotions there are available.

3. Quality, well-curated restaurant list.

I was browsing through the restaurants with 1-for-1 promotions and I realized there are a lot of restaurants that I am very interested in visiting! Two of which I picked out: Toby's Estate and The White Rabbit. There are a lot of cost savings when you utilize these offers. I love this characteristic because I know I'm buying a value-for-money app - I'll definitely use the promotions because these places are already on my bucket list!
4. 1-for-1 makes eating out - SO value-for-money!
It's intuitive; you enjoy 50% off meals every time. It's better than the Great Singapore Sale, and you can simply carry this little money-saving gem in your phone. If you haven't already realize, it's a great way to save money especially for guys who have to pick up the tab on dates. You can finally enjoy without having to scrimp on dates!

5. 770+ 1-for-1 promotions available for you
For Singapore's hottest restaurants, nightspots, informal dining, spas, activities, attractions and more – for one month from the date of activation of the app! There are so many available and they are not random, small merchants - I am already bubbling with excitement when I saw ShareTea on the list (pun intended).
6. Save more instantly with my promo code - "amiehu"
If you've already heard about The Entertainer app, you might think the whole year of subscription is too expensive. But fret not, they now have the one-month versions going at only $19! With my promo code amiehu, you can get it at an even lower price of $15. After your one month membership you can simply choose to upgrade to the full product for a further $76, allowing you to keep redeeming your offers until 30th Dec 2014.

If you're bad at math, let me help you with the calculations. Say, if you were to dine out about once a week and spend $20/meal, you'll spend $80 per month on restaurants. However, if you were to use the Entertainer apps for all these meals, you will only spend $40 per month on restaurants. You will thus save the otherwise unnecessary $40. By paying $15 for the app, you will not only break-even, you will also save an additional $25!

I eat out wayyy more than that so The Entertainer app is super useful for me. Download it here now!


The Entertainer Party was held at Kinki Rooftop Bar at Collyer Quay, a very funky and cool bar with a gorgeous view overlooking the Marina Bay. I know it has the perfect view for fireworks and aircraft formation performances because the folks from NDP were having a rehearsal that day and we were stoked to have the front-row seats to witness these! This means only one thing: this is the place to hang out for NDP this year!

Majulah Singapura!

I'll tell you what's better: instead of squeezing with the crowd and dealing with the heat on the floating platform, you can groove to the exciting beats by Kinki's DJ with their latest Belvedere Lemon Tea cocktails exclusive only for The Entertainer app users when they use the 1-for-1 for their main course.

The vodkas are so deliciously good and pure liquid gold, I just couldn't stop!

We were greeted with a charming service staff which presented the spicy mayo salmon served in mini lemon flavored cones to us. Brownie points to the wonderfully creative presentation and double that for the creamy consistent texture of these canapes.

The baked vine cherry tomato tartlets were picturesque, shiny with a glaze of balsamic sauce. Nesting the entire tartlet into your mouth will result in exhilaration when the juicy cherry tomatoes burst. An interesting swirl of sweet and savoury in a single pop.

Had to take a picture but I wanted to throw this into my mouth already! First world dilemmas, eh?

The sous vide marinated scallops lined with thick unagi sauce was wrapped in fresh ohba leaves, formed a delightful little combination which was flavourful and indulging with the fat scallops. This looked the least appetizing, but ended up being the hot favourite of the night.

I look slightly deranged here because the first one that I tried was too yummy and I couldn't resist eating it already. I was also slightly high from the awesome vodka which I couldn't stop drinking.

Kinki Restaurant + Bar
Customs House
70 Collyer Quay #02-02
Singapore 049323


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