Travel tales from Amie: an afterthought

My hygiene levels have hit a new low. I thought eating biscuit crumbs from an asphalt road was bad enough - acquired skill from OBS years ago. Now, my idea of clean fingers for eating no longer incorporate hand sanitizers but brushing my fingers against the denim jacket I wore for the past week. Gross. I know right?! Travelling isn't all glamorous. I would say it's 20-80 when it comes to a ratio of wonderment and muscle aches, but somehow, that paltry twenty percent just makes it all worthwhile. Before I staggered my way to France/London, I collected a few more food adventures that I haven't had the time to blog about. I wanted to schedule them neatly and publish them while I was away, but time was moving too quickly so I only managed to do a (pathetic) few.

One thing I learnt from the French: they value their meal times, resting hours and enjoyment very much. Most Singaporeans neglect that work is really never-ending and they have to learn to let go. It's wisdom that we know, but we don't practise it. It's only when I've lived with them a few days that I understood the beauty of such a rhythm of life.

As you can probably tell from now, my mind has little order and sense right now, I will sort that out soon

This isn't an excuse for me to slack away and do whatever I want, but more importantly, I want to recall why I did blogging in the first place and always, always hold on to the belief and feeling that I love sharing and documenting about my life, food, experiences and thoughts. Even though there may be advertorials and collaborations coming in from time to time, I don't ever want this space to become my burden or "work"... and I have lots to share about my experiences, photos and thoughts - till the next time! Off to recover from jetlag.


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