Drury Lane @ Tanjong Pagar

About a year ago, this cafe popped up along Tanjong Pagar with the cafe development on Duxton Hill. Drury Lane is one of the streets in London near Covent Garden (not that foreign to me anymore now that I've walked those streets), and also this cafe that I'm featuring in this review. Needless to say, this humble cafe with little flashy gimmicks to make it outstanding has been swamped under the torrential waves of coffee movements.

Drury Lane is a two-storey establishment, and the first thing that sets this cafe apart is its practicality and comfortable setting: tables are large and spread out respectfully from each other. The team at Drury Lane is youthful, energetic and laidback, which makes the cafe experience more enjoyable. There is also a third floor which has a dummy doll hanging from a noose left from Halloween, which kind of scared me a little. They should have left some kind of sign to warn customers, but they didn't.

Eggs benedict for dinner, why not? All day breakfast, that's what it means. Drury Lane's version reflects its attitude towards the whole cafe business, no frills, just comfortingly straightforward. Generous dosage of hollandaise sauce, perfect poached eggs, bacon and fresh veggies. Not fancy, a little small in portions, but I guess it's enough for one. A fantastic place to hang out at if you want to be assured of privacy, space and a laidback atmosphere - a rarity when it comes to cafes today. Plenty of other places just want your money and get you out a-s-a-p, but not Drury Lane. I took a steady liking to it for this.

Drury Lane
94 Tanjong Pagar Road
Singapore 088515


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