Kim Choo's Kueh Chang

Compelled by the forces of gentrification in Singapore, many old establishments had to unfortunately give way to residential buildings or skyscrapers. Most recently, Dakota Crescent has been slated for demolishing. For the interim, we see a mishmash of the old and the new. In the Katong neighbourhood, we see the iconic Sinpopo Brand with a nostalgic theme representing the latest dining establishments; Kim Choo Kueh Chang would then illustrate what's traditional.

Kim Choo Kueh Chang had me squealing in excitement with the variety of Peranakan sweet treats laid out before my eyes. Many of these kuehs have disappeared of the shelves of neighbourhood bakeries with their falling popularity. Although those who grew up eating these snacks for breakfast can rattle the names off their head, the younger generation have to Google for them or refer to them by colour and shapes.

In my frenzy, I bought the ones that I have recollection of eating before - this is the Ondeh Ondeh (the "green round one with sweet syrup"). I've tried a lot of versions in Singapore but none of them could match up to the nostalgic tastes I had in Malaysia before. I was looking for that particular satisfaction and Kim Choo does it perfectly. Designed almost scientifically that fits my mouth nicely, the ondeh ondeh is a sweet pop laced with coconut flakes and chewy pandan flavoured kueh that bursts into a gula melaka cacophony.

Kueh Dada Gulung contains fibrous coconut flakes within its thin pastry skin - another of my favourite which I haven't seen for a long time. The Kueh Bika Ambon at the back has a hint of sweet potato and is most springy as compared to other pastries. Almost like the White Sugar Sponge Cake which I wanted to buy too!

The dumplings were tasty due to the generous pork fillings. Nonetheless, and were too oily for comfort too. If you don't mind the extra oiliness and only care about the price and taste, this is the one for you!
Kim Choo Dumplings
60 Joo Chiat Place
Singapore 427726


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