Kin Kin Chilli Pan Mee

Kin Kin Chilli Pan Mee belongs to the confidential local foodie information. Unless you are introduced to it by a Singaporean or somehow read/heard about it circulating, it's probably not on your radar at all. I read about this Kuala Lumpur-originated gem on a food blog and gosh it looks so good, it earned a place on my (very long) bucket list immediately.

You cannot take the chilli out of the Kin Kin Chilli Pan Mee. There are six options that you can order here:
1.  Signature Dry Chili Pan Mee (or Soup) - $5
2. Sea Asparagus Pan Mee (Dry/ Soup) - $8
3. Clam Pan Mee (Dry/ Soup) - $8
4. Homemade Fishball Soup - $4
5. Meatball Soup - $4
6. Fishball & Bean Sheet with Meatball Soup - $4

We ordered dry and soup variants of the chilli pan mee - or rather I was the only strange one that ordered the soup because I felt like it. Most people would order the dry one because that's the signature and most original style of the pan mee, but do whatever you want, don't let stereotypes stop you from choosing the soup! Because I'm an advocate for the soup version. I liked it better because the soup is more flavourful together with the noodles than if served separately. Please don't miss out on the awesome soup that was seasoned and made fragrant with sweet shallots and fresh fried ikan bilis. The highly raved about handmade fish balls didn't strike me as particularly delicious though it's not bad.

Why I like this better than normal pan mee (or more affectionately known as ban mian)
For one, I'm not crazy over ban mian like most of my friends who used to make a beeline for the stall every time we visit a hawker centre. The usual suspects are the fat, flat noodles. They tend to clump together and have this doughy, uncooked taste that I don't like, but everyone seemed to swear by it. Kin Kin Chilli Pan Mee's noodles are as you can see from the picture, rounder, thinner and - to borrow a term from the Italian folks - al dente. I guess I just liked the Malaysian KL version of pan mee better. Oops.

No queue for us as we reached slightly before 12pm, but soon after we were seated, the crowds started pouring in! So... you are reminded to reach earlier so as to avoid the queue :)
Kin Kin Chilli Pan Mee
534 MacPherson Road
Singapore 368220


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  1. And I thought they're thinner and rounder because they're you mian

    1. Hi MollyMia! :)

      You are right, at Kin Kin, they serve their pan mee with you mian which is different from the usual fatter ones. I think it tastes better this way!!

    2. ahh, i see! but you can always order you mian at any other ban mian stalls. a friend tried them and told me they're surprisingly disappointing. the noodles werent Q enough and the flavour was mediocre. So was their chilli.

    3. Hmm.. I don't normally order ban mian in hawker centres, so I'm only comparing it to the bowls that I've tried (which are recommended by my friends). I still think Kin Kin's is nicer :) The chilli was okay, but the one that stood out was the soup!

      But then again, it isn't somewhere I will specially go for, but "worthy to drop by" if I'm in the area.


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