Legendary Hong Kong: Jurong Point Mongkok Street

Legendary Hong Kong in Jurong Point is the latest buzz around Singapore's foodtopia in recent weeks, with people hailing it as "the best cha chan teng in Singapore" and offering roast duck "better than London's". That got my attention quick enough, because of three reasons.

1. I just came back from London with pretty excellent roast duck.
2. You can describe a lot of restaurants as your "favourite" but not everything is the "best".
3. Hey, Jurong Point is my territory and a lot of people know that. *jumps onto bandwagon*

My first impression of Legendary Hong Kong is... damn, I feel like I'm in Hong Kong already. My second impression? I want to fly to Hong Kong now! Legendary Hong Kong is the biggest attraction at the new Mongkok Street at Jurong Point, a collaboration between the shopping mall's management team and Hong Kong Tourism Board, so I guess they succeeded.

The interior design of the whole restaurant models after cha chan tengs, from the floor tiles to the uniforms of the service staff to the background music belting out Sammi Cheng's Canto-hits... and even the classic TV screens playing TVB variety shows. I haven't been to Hong Kong yet but I've watched enough TVB to know that this is pretty close to the real thing itself!

The metallic exterior of the kitchen area of Legendary Hong Kong also reminded me of the bygone days of Victor's Kitchen before their renovation, but less squeezy and also no strictly-Cantonese speaking service staff.

When in Legendary Hong Kong, if there is only one thing to try... it's their roast duck. They sell it as a whole, half or serving portions, but that is more suitable to order when dining with a bigger group - so we ordered the roast duck rice to get a taste of what this legendary roast duck is all about.

Legendary Hong Kong Roast Duck
London Chinatown Roast Duck
Roast duck taste verdict
The meat was succulent and thoroughly marinated, tender yet retaining a chewy texture.
The meat was relatively less juicy even though it is still chewy and delicious.
Legendary Hong Kong Roast Duck
The skin is very flavourful and tasty, breaking with a satisfying crisp for every piece.
Inconsistent across a plate of roast duck. The good ones were softer and savoury renditions, but there were some half-hearted floppy/ almost inedible skin.
Legendary Hong Kong Roast Duck, hands down
My take on the lemon sauce is that it is pretty unnecessary and doesn’t add any points to the roast duck, but perhaps because the roast duck itself is already very flavourful. It tastes very authentically homemade.
Sweet sauce is often served with roast duck, which I regularly and generously mopped up. The roast duck itself was good, but the sweet sauce gave it an edgier dimension.
Winner goes to London Chinatown Roast Duck when it comes to roast duck + sauce combination
There were about 30% bones from the portion in the photo, and they interrupted the enjoyment of the roast duck itself.
No bones at all. Perfect to cater to a more European/ tourist crowd who probably can’t be bothered to deal with them.
London Chinatown Roast Duck

Overall: When it comes to quality of the meat itself, Legendary Hong Kong is surprisingly better by a considerable margin. Nevertheless, I would say London Chinatown Roast Duck still provided a greater level of enjoyment as I never had to bother with pausing to deal with the bones and simply continue stuffing myself happily. When you dine at Legendary, I would recommend you to order the whole/half portion to be able to truly taste enough of the delicious meat for a satisfying meal here. 

I had not settled my chee cheong fun craving ever since I came back, so I jumped immediately at the opportunity when I saw the recommended sign beside the 春风肠粉 (the first one in the cheong fun category). ORDER THIS. It is definitely the best cheong fun I've tasted in my memory. The cheong fun is also thinly sliced with multiple layers, enveloping juicy and crispy prawns. The chefs know what true crispiness should be like. I shall try my best to describe it: finely netted crunchy. I love this and will order this on my own the next time I visit.

The milk tea is well, expectedly good.

You cannot imagine my happiness that I have the perfect dimsum place so near my house. I used to travel an hour and a half to Victor's Kitchen or at least town area to get dimsum. There are so many things on the menu too! You will find me back here again. Very soon. Maybe tonight.

P/S: I want to rave less of this so I can reduce your expectations for this place, but I think there's no need.. I think they can impress you all the same. They do not open from 2.30 - 5.30pm. Do not attempt to show up at peak hours or you will have to queue for one hour (or more).

Legendary Hong Kong
Jurong Point
1 Jurong West Central 2 #03-80
Singapore 648886


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