Save Your Hair Channel 8 Event with Belinda Lee: Rene Furterer products

Hair is most often an unspeakable frustrating topic for the silent sufferers - especially when it comes to knotty problems like greasy scalps, hair loss and dandruff. Well, you don't normally discuss about these issues with anyone, probably with the exception of your hairdresser. People get self-conscious... but we are often not equipped with the knowledge or skills with our regular hair products to deal with them.

On luscious locks
It is actually scientifically proven that luscious hair is a factor that contributes to the attractiveness of a woman to a man. I don't advocate improving your looks just to attract the opposite gender, but it's important to do so as a form of self-improvement, promoting your self-esteem and to make yourself feel better.

Product from Rene Furturer
If you feel like your hair needs an extra boost, you can always try out the Karite Intensive Nourishing Mask which promises to intensely hydrates, nourishes and smoothes hair with shea butter and botanical oils. Formulated to penetrate and restructure your hair's cuticle layers from the inside out, this mask stimulates the scalp for hair that is healthy-looking.

It doesn't leave oily marks on your pillow and has a light floral-buttery fragrance.

Fair trade & ethics
One of the most rewarding takeaways from the event is learning that Rene Furterer products are manufactured using fair-trade and ethical shea butter. By collaborating with an African village of women who managed to process shea butter, Rene Furterer helps to create jobs for them and improve their standard of living. It's heartwarming to see how a large corporation remembers to do their part for the global less well-off community. You can watch the video which shows how shea butter done:

About hair loss
There was once I had a conversation with my hairdresser (which was more of a Q&A session) and I asked if hair regenerative treatments marketed by Beijing 101 could really revive dead hair follicles and reverse hair loss progress. The answer was a straight no. Unfortunately, there are also no products in the market right now to challenge that notion either. 

What to do?
The only way to minimize the damage is to take proper care of your remaining hair and hope it doesn't worsen. One way to do it is to undergo scalp treatment to properly cleanse your scalp to allow for healthy, normal hair growth from the roots. Rene Furterer offers scalp treatment, which their ambassador, Belinda Lee swears by - "it's very comfortable" - and she hasn't heard of anyone who doesn't sing praises of it. From what I know, most salons do have similar treatments as well - so take your pick. 


Product from Rene Furturer
Rene Furterer Forticea Shampooing Stimulant encourages healthy hair growth with micro-beads of stimulating essential oils to promote micro-circulation in the scalp. Formulated with Pfaffia extract, peptides penetrate deep to maximize the intake of nutrients so faster and thicker hair growth is achieved.

The beautiful mediacorp artiste Belinda Lee with her head of healthy-looking hair!

This event was held at St James Power Station, Club K.

Club K
3 Sentosa Gateway #01-05
St James Power Station
Singapore 098544


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