St Paul De Vence, Grasse

After visiting Gourdon VillageSt Paul De Vence was our next stop! St Paul de Vence is slightly more commercialized and touristy but don't look at the word touristy as if it's all that bad - there are plenty of galleries and interesting observations to be made about the locals. There is more activity going on! Shops close pretty early though. Cobblestoned paths all abound - grab your favourite walking shoes and get on the road for some exploring.

Amidst more sleek and modern cars are the black (taxis?) classic ones.

Fragonard is one of the many parfumeries in the Grasse region, and also the most famous. I visited its factory on a different day, but that experience made it more meaningful to see their boutique shops around.

"Le Chat Mancini"

You will see a lot of such shots because I have this peculiar liking of looking at buildings from this angle where you can see awkward protruding edges of the ceilings with bits of the sky in between. I think that wherever we travel to, buildings give a place a lot of character and distinction.


More cobblestoned paths that make the whole place look so mystical. I just love it even though it reminds me of (painful) foot reflexology.

"Place de la Grande Fontaine"

Some tremendously artistic mailbox... the colours are so pretty right? :'D

The locals are so friendly and gamely for photographs!

Unlike me who still remains rather awkward most of the time...and this is considered the less awkward one.

Like a maze: these hidden paths at corners make me want to get lost in them forever.

"Rue De L'etoile"


Can I stay here forever?


A sliver of gorgeous scenery.

Behold the glorious creation of man and nature weaved into one scene!

My personal favourite mood photo of the whole St Paul De Vence album... the cemetery. I have this strange liking for small cemeteries because I find them to be really tranquil and as much as this word is terribly overused - beautiful. I didn't manage to go walk through them because the cemetery is quite a distance away.

Their animal-friendliness culture is something that we should learn from :)

Just when we were kind of tired from walking, we chanced upon this Bang & Lessin Art Studio managed by ML Bang and Gui Lessin. They were really friendly and welcomed us into their lovely gallery from the balcony!

Bang & Lessin Art Studio
Place de l'Hospice, 06570 Saint-Paul-de-Vence

It was a rare occasion that we get to interact with the artists behind the paintings. They are very passionate about their work and I think their creations encapsulate this quote very well: "art is not what you see but what you make others see". They told us about how they had to clear their mind every time before they begin a masterpiece and just follow their heart throughout in terms of shades and arrangement of the strokes. All of their paintings seemed very abstract and a blast of paint colour at the first glance, but if you'd spare a few moments to look at it more carefully, there is gradual shared meaning and bond felt by the viewers... an enchanting experience of their interpretation of art that makes the trip to St Paul De Vence more memorable :)

We caught the sunset! Again, the sunsets and rays of sunshine in France are really very different from Singapore's... perhaps because of the geographical slant of the globe and the wider angle at which the rays hit the land... aha - just trying to smoke my way through. But anyway the light made the whole place look so magical, you will understand why there are so many artists created here. I mean, they are surrounded by immense beauty every single day.


"Lucky, a horse sculpture made of horseshoes, by RĂ©mi Pesce (1993)"

Omgosh one of my favourite photos too. Can you see that pretty shade of lavender and blue of the mountain at the back? It feels surreal seeing it in real life.

And then there is the meow from St Paul De Vence who darted away as quickly as it came.


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