Touring the Gourdon Village, Nice (France)

Located in the scenic region of Provence, southeastern France was the quaint little Gourdon Village. It was a really enjoyable attraction to explore because of the spectacular mountainous views from a very strategic vantage point, peaceful surroundings and artisanal boutiques. The lavender flowers are abundant everywhere during summer, creating this lovely floral picturesque feeling wherever you turn. Skies in France are also a more intense shade of blue. 

The mini village at the edge of the cliff is Gourdon Village. This was taken halfway up the mountainous journey when there was a little pocket of road to park, admire the scenery and *photo opportunity*.

Sightseeing at Gourdon Village
This was the one of the first views that welcomed us at Gourdon Village! It looks so fairytale-like with the red roof cottages surrounded by endless greenery and rocky terrain. The sunlight bounces off the green giving it a healthy glow. The picture above was taken with the landscape mode and thus the vibrancy and tone is warmer.

It was actually a cemetery at the lower terrace, so I shouldn't have been smiling but that's the default photo face... There are also quite a few tourists and shopkeepers around so the area is generally bustling with low tones of activities.

Cheap shades: Cotton On

Shades are definitely necessary to protect your eyes and to avoid over-squinting which leads to wrinkle formations in the summer. The sun was glaring straight into my eyes and I could hardly open them properly... this was the best I could do. Everytime after the camera is done, I put them back on. Please get a pair of UV-protection equipped shades unlike mine.

This was one of their eau de potable (hydration point) where you can simply drink straight from the tap! The parents were skeptical about the cleanliness - they were sure the water was recycled from the drain it flowed to, but I had a handful of the water down my throat anyway. I assure you it's refreshing, tasteless, odorless and perfectly fine because... I'm still alive now...

Chateau de Gourdon was one of the key highlights in Gourdon Village which we didn't tour because it was closed and you can sort of take a look what's on the inside as you walk around the village. It is designed by Le Notre who also designed The Versailles Gardens. The gardens look gorgeous, more manicured than natural. If you are allocating two-hours or more to this area in your itinerary, you can have enough time to give this garden a little tour. Tripadvisor advice about Chateau de Gourdon hereThere are guided tours for you to join. Otherwise, there is plenty to see in the radius of the village itself.

Chateau de Gourdon opening hours:
1/6 to 30/9: 1100 - 1300, 1400 - 1900
1/10 to 31/5: 1400 - 1800 (Closed on Tuesdays)

Shopping at Gourdon Village
Hats for sale! Tourism makes up quite a bit of Gourdon's revenue so they sell a lot of pretty, premium and touristy items for their livelihood. Gourdon is famous for their lavender produce such as perfumes and soaps, glassware and pain d'epice (ginger spice bread). There is also gelato if you need something to chill with!

Photo opportunities at Gourdon Village
Needless to say, plenty of photo opportunities at every single turn - no kidding - and I flexed my Asian gene by trying to maximize every backdrop. After a while it seems impossible because everywhere is just so charming, it's like a movie set... which is also technically true, because Gourdon was used to film Les Miserables

Meow! Somehow cats from France look rather... French?

"Just exiting from my house..."

I love the lighting at this village!

I am probably pretty disturbing, sitting at people's porches to conduct pseudo-photoshoots.

The awesome view from the top!!! You can just stare out into the horizon and even see the Ligurian Sea.

Zoom, zoom!

I take disturbing to the next level. To my defense, the shop was closed. I think.

That's the end of the Gourdon Village post!


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  1. Gourdon is indeed lovely. Maybe a bit too touristy, like nearby Saint Paul de Vence. But the landscape and the vallée du Loup near it are really interesting.
    Did you have these artisanal ice creams? (you photographed the shop)

    1. Hello France in Photos! :)

      Thanks for leaving a comment. I liked Gourdon a lot for its atmosphere, didn't felt that it was too touristy... as compared to Saint De Vence (which I also visited - going to post about it soon, look out for it ^_^). I didn't get to eat the artisanal ice-creams :'( Was busy walking around taking photos and enjoying the scenery..


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