5 infobites about llaollao: pronounciation, origins & more!

Not a new invention, but with a different recipe, froyo is ready to rock the nation (and Insta-nation) with llaollao! Curious what is the llaollao brand, where it comes from, how to pronounce its name, and whether it is really that good? All in one post for you:

1. Origins
llaollao's was founded in Spain five years ago, in 2009. They launched their first outlet in Singapore at Marina Square Basement Link to Esplanade MRT on 5 July 2013.

2. Where can they be found? 
They have more than 135 outlets in 16 countries: Spain, Chile, China (Shenzhen), Czech Republic, France, Luxembourg, Morocco, United Arab Emirates, Venezuela, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Portugal, Turkey and most recently, Singapore!
In Singapore, they currently have 8 outlets: Marina Link, Wisma Atria, Nanyang Technological University (North Spine), Somerset 313, Plaza Singapura, Singapore Polytechnic, National University Hospital and West Mall.  
3. What is the difference between llaollao & other froyos?
Sour is the keyword around here. But I don't get why everyone is complaining that it is sour, because... this is the taste of yogurt. I think why llaollao is considered a wonderful treat because it actually makes yogurt very refreshing and extremely smooth, sour yet it isn't tart. There are a lot of toppings, fruits and sauces to choose from - most of which are attractive! To balance the sourness of the yogurt, it's best to choose a sweeter sauce. It's also very value-for-money because $5.90 for a Sanum llaollao can actually be shared among three people after a regular meal. The portion is considered very huge for a froyo.

 4. Social media footprints
 llaollao Singapore Facebook | 2592 likes!
 Instagram |  #llaollao is tagged 39,647 times (and growing!) on Instagram. Singaporeans contribute significantly to this number, but not all posts are by this nation of Instagram-fanatics.

5. How to pronounce llaollao?
Llao llao: Spelt as L-L-A-O- L-L-A-O (no spacings, in lowercase), pronounced as yow-yow. Watch this infomercial to listen out for it. Now, don't go around calling it laow-laow!

I haven't tried it. Should I?
llaollao is likely to be opening (or have opened) an outlet near your home. On a scale of 1 to 10, it definitely lived up to my expectations at an 8 but it is not necessary to specially go out of your way to try it. If you hate the original taste of yogurt, it is likely you will not like llaollao regardless of what kind of sauces or toppings they have.

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