Benjamin Browns Bistro & Bakery

I chanced upon Benjamin Browns Bistro & Bakery when I was browsing for 1-for-1 deals in my Entertainer app. I was kinda in the mood for pasta despite already having a lot of it for the previous night's dinner. Do you know what your food cravings mean? If you can't get enough of pasta like me, it means that it's likely you have high insulin level or low blood sugar level due to diets/lack of food. I blame it on the terrible canteen situation in school. Anyway, Benjamin Browns Bistro & Bakery is situated in Forum Shopping Mall, a quieter but more sophisticated mall in Orchard.
I looked forward to trying out their dishes because I read and heard a lot of raving reviews after I briefly Googled it.

Their menu selections are also pleasing and easy to choose from. If you're using the Entertainer, you can purchase two main courses for the price of one (the more expensive one). I selected the Crab Meat Linguine ($22) and my friend chose the Fish & Chips ($23).

The crab meat linguine was exquisite, soaked in a tomato-based vodka arrabiata sauce. The vodka element is very faint, almost imaginary, but it's okay because the crab meat was in silky generous strands that can bowl anyone over instantly. The arrabiata component is slightly spicy and definitely manageable. If you want greater spicy kicks, you can go ahead and eat the chilli but I steered clear of them. The fish & chips was wonderfully done, with a light crispy batter with smooth tender fish meat within. I liked how there was more substance than crispy batter, it made me feel like it's more value-for-money. It was a really delicious meal and what makes me happier is that I actually don't have to pay the full price and yet enjoy better-than-average restaurant selections.

Benjamin Browns Bistro & Bakery
Forum The Shopping Mall
583 Orchard Road #01-20/21
Singapore 238884


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  1. is there GST & svs charge? looks yummy!!!

    1. Yes there is! If I am not using The Entertainer app, I doubt I'll visit this place because it'll definitely exceed my lunch budget. Each of us paid (23/2)*1.10*1.07= ~$13.60 after GST/Service Charge with the app :)


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