Let's discuss! 中国好声音第三季 杨坤组 PK 四强名单 Commentary

The first striking observation of this episode is that the pairings are very lopsided in ability and made the selections rather predictable. The second is that 杨坤 has such an amazing song choreography and integration talent! That made the whole episode really entertaining and captivating. The performances are very worthy of replaying again and again. Can I crown Yang Kun to be the winner of this episode? Look out for traces of Jam Hsiao in some of the contestants; they make for great Easter eggs throughout the two hours!

1. 李文琦

My impression of 李文琦 remains unchanged that she is still the strongest within 杨坤's team. Anyone PK-ing against her will lose. Her voice is clear, extremely unique, piercing and every time she starts singing, everyone can't help but turn towards her. It's too easy to overlook her age.

2. 余枫

Selfishly, I am extremely glad that whichever winner of the 日不落 performance made it to the top 4. For me, this is the most enjoyable pairing of the whole episode but 90% due to the special re-choreography of the song. As an individual, I never really noticed him - quite a surprise, I would say. Although his sing-off is technically spectacular, it sounds like a typical boyband voice that has little distinguishing X-factor. Robynn & Kendy has amazing chemistry and their voices are in perfect harmony. Maybe because a pair is kinda difficult to compare to individuals when the competition progress and this isn't 最美和声 but 好声音 (singular-form).

3. 徐剑秋

He is my favourite of the group even though I think that he doesn't have too much of X-factor. His ultra-intense emotions match the strength of his voice, creating a beautiful clash of melodic waves in semi-rock-romance songs. I guess his signature arm-reaching out movements help encapsulate the tortured feelings. I wish he can sing more FIR songs but that's only for my own entertainment. Need an emo buddy late into the night? He will be the one.

4. 陈永馨

Her duet with 刘珂 can be described to be devastating. It's painful to see them competing against each other, the song is super emo, and the discrepancy between their abilities is too apparent. Her voice drives waves and waves of goosebumps. Choosing 我很忙 as her sing-off showcased her ability to not only perform songs about reminiscing lost young love, but also a more womanly, mature deeper range. She should sing more songs of other genres to make her universally likable.

Special mentions to the fallen ones:


Initially when I read the spoilers, I thought it was a cruel freak result that he didn't even reach top 8. But after I watched his PK with 徐剑秋, it became apparent that his style is too rigid and his voice is like rushing river as compared to the latter which felt like open deep ocean currents. I still like his candidness when he sings but it's not suitable for the song 泡沫.

Based on success stakes:

Based on my own preferences:


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  1. I totally agree with you about the pairing.But 陈永馨 is awesome in my opinion.

  2. Think that
    Li wenqi only sounds like lullaby, would like to see her sing real rock songs.


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