Rokeby Cafe @ Jalan Riang

Set in the quaint neighbourhood in Lorong Chuan, Rokeby can be an Australian cafe by day and transform into a bistro-bar at night. I made an impromptu decision to pop into this little corner of relaxation for an hour to try out their chef's recommendation and customer's choice dish - Rokeby Truffle Shoestring Fries.

 My first impression of the cafe was the stark contrast between how angmoh the place is and yet every word the head waiter spoke was laced with Singlish ("If you want water, can get it from over there, hor". I felt like I was his long-lost friend which made me feel that the whole situation is strangely hilarious. I must emphasise that the service staff are really quite friendly and attentive though, immediately responding to customers' needs: a family-friendly location with super helpful crew.

For their signature dish: their truffle shoestring fries ($8.90+) looks like it can be shared among at least three people. They are accented with a little overdose of white truffle oil and also too oily at the lowest 20% of the barrel. I really like the slightly crispy edges and fluffy texture of it though - that's how fries should be done. If you love the taste of truffle oil, you will probably love this.

Rokeby Cafe
15-9 Jalan Riang
Singapore 358987


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